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Tandem Trike for Twins

Twin Trike Reviews  ***Is the twin trike a good investment? - click here to read our interview with a UK twin trike supplier.*** I cannot recommend this trike enough! Stephanie who owns Amy and Gracie is so helpful and nice to deal with, always answered my questions…

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Push both twins with one parent handle. Tandem or face-to-face seating positions + sun canopy + storage.


twin trike reviews
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Twin Trike Reviews 

***Is the twin trike a good investment?click here to read our interview with a UK twin trike supplier.***

I cannot recommend this trike enough! Stephanie who owns Amy and Gracie is so helpful and nice to deal with, always answered my questions and kept me up to date with my order. I had been looking at single trikes which were the same price as this EACH, made from rubbish plastic and hard plastic tyres. We decided to invest that little extra money in the new improved trike from Amy and Gracie rather than the older style plastic ones, the extra was definitely worth it, with blow up rubber tyres and a very smart looking black and silver design I honestly couldn’t be happier! I got the rain cover too, which I have to say is amazing! It is easier to put on than the one for my pram and very well made, fitting the trike perfectly. My boys have loved this since we got it, they are 20 months now and their little faces light up each time they know they are going out on the trike rather than in their pram. The only thing I find difficult is if they fall asleep in it, could maybe do with an additional head rest (the holes are there for one already) but this is the only improvement I can think of, it’s amazing, worth every penny. The only other slight con is the little bolts and nuts that hold it together, they can come loose quite easily, especially over stones or rough ish ground, you just need to make sure they are all tight before you set off. Oh and it doesn’t fit in my boot fully assembled, I drive a Citroen c3 2011 shape, I have to take the parent handle and the front wheel off to get it in the boot, it doesn’t take much more assembly time than my Bugaboo Donkey pram though. Honestly, the cons really don’t mean I love this trike any less but I believe a review should be completely honest. THANK YOU STEPHANIE for a great service and a fantastic product. I have recommended and will be doing so for a long time 🙂 SarahYates October 2016

 We have one of these and our girls love it – it’s very helpful when they don’t want to keep getting in the pram! Bought it for their first birthday and they used it all summer and as far in to winter as possible – they will be two next month and although they like to walk everywhere this will still be very useful for a long while yet as I cannot always spend an hour getting five mins down the road whilst they explore everything along the way. Unfortunately the handle could do with being stronger and better aligned  for steering it, but being careful with it, it has lasted us this far. Anna January 2016

 Tandem Trike for Twins. Bought this for my twin nephews and my sister loves it! They have had it since October and she has used it everyday for the school run. Before she could only use a pram which came with lots of tantrums. The boys love the freedom and my sister loves the peace. Surprised at the negative reviews, have had no issues with it… maybe the improvements that have been made by Amieandgracie have worked! 5 stars.  Christine February 2015

 Despite the hit and miss reviews, I was very excited about getting this trike for my twin boys first birthday, however it’s not lived up to my expectations unfortunately. Firstly there’s no brake…..enough said, secondly its no good for tall people (like my husband and I), as the handle isn’t long enough also my feet keep hitting the basket, thirdly its hard to manoeuvre up on to kerbs because of the length and finally the assembly instructions were, quite frankly, rubbish. My boys seem to love it though! I was really undecided on two separate trikes, but I wouldn’t have been able to take two out on my own so decided to give this trike the benefit of the doubt, but it’s let me down. It’s an excellent idea, however it needs a major brand like Smart Trike to jump on this and give it an overhaul. My advice; pay a bit more and get two separate trikes. cherry blossom January 2015

 Poor quality construction led to this produce breaking whilst my children were in it. Fortunately I was not far from home but the cause was just cheap materials. This product design is just an extended single trike as such they have not considered that it is supposed to take the weight of 2 children. My twins are quite small for their age so I can only imagine the issue would be more pronounced with bigger children. This is not a good product to buy for your twins. You would be better off with 2 single trikes.Will November 2014

 So pleased they have finally invented something like this!!! Soph1982 July 2013

 100% worth the money, gives children a different view of the world while being too young for individual bikes! my identical twins asked to use the trike in all weathers, its just brilliant and anything that gives you a spare hand when having twins is worth it!! Can’t praise enough!! Tasha24 July 2013

 My b/g twins love their trike it gives them a break from their pushchair I would definitely recommend this to other twin parents!!! I think it is a reasonable price as you can buy some single trikes for the same price!!!! Shellyroo July 2013


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