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Tips for Parents of Twins

A collection of tips for parents of twins by parents of twins!

Our vision for Designed For Twins is to create a free online resource where parents of twins can share information to each other – this helps make the lives of parents of twins that little bit easier! So send us your tips for parents of twins so that we can add them to this page and share them with other parents of twins via social media.

10 discounted products on Amazon – that are great for twins

10 discounted products for twins

Take a look at these 10 products we've discovered are currently on offer on Amazon.

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4 Gift ideas for a Mum of twins

Keep Calm your a mum of twins mug

Here are our top 4 gift ideas for a Mum of twins. Discover lots more gifts and products ideal for Mums of twins and twins themselves.

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How to make a cheap sandpit

Twins with sand pit

Hours of fun for your twins…that costs very little. This top tip was sent to us by a Mum of twins and is a great idea for summer fun: 3 simple steps to make a cheap sandpit 1. Take an under-the-bed storage box. I already had one but you can buy them from B&Q for £7.98. 2. Fill it with ...

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7 gorgeous coordinated clothes for twins

Cressida coordiated twin tshirts yellow monkey

At Designed For Twins, we believe that twins should be treated as individuals right from birth to ensure their own personalities are allowed to develop. This is often difficult when parents, grandparents and society in general treat twins, especially identical twins, as one entity simply because it is ‘cute’ to do so. With this in mind, we’ve found 7 outfits for twins ...

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9 Story Books about Twins

Playtime for Twins by Ellen Weiss

Children’s Story Books about twins Do your twins understand that they are twins? What do they think of other twins? Story books about twins can help you discuss the ‘twin’ subject with your twins. Send us your review Recommend Do your twins enjoy reading a story book about twins? Yes?  let us know which one and send us a quick review.

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15 toys that are ideal for twins from Step2

Step 2 Canopy Wagon

We reckon Step2 know a thing or two about toys that two children can enjoy at the same time. Take a look at these 15 toys that we think are ideal for twins.

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4 extra large playmats that are on offer on Amazon

TLC Alphabet & Numbers large playmat

Save money by choosing one of these four extra large playmats - all are currently discounted on Amazon (as at 25 April 2014).

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Top tips for getting through the first year with twins

surviving first year with twins

My top tips for getting through the first year with twins are: ROUTINE: if you can get them both into a good routine regarding feeding, sleeping, bath-story-and-bedtime then your life will be so much easier. They will then respond to cues. It will also be easier to break their routine for holidays etc and then get, quickly back into it. ...

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Double Buggy Recommendations – readers survey

Double Buggy Reader Survey Results 24 Feb 14

Which is the most recommended Double Buggy - In our February 2014 newsletter we asked our followers to let us know which double buggy they would recommend.

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Don’t choose a pushchair until you’ve done the potato test!

the potato test - advice on buying a pushchair for twins

How to choose a pushchair for twins Most pushchairs push like a dream, fold easily, etc. in the shop – and even with two teeny babies in them … but the real test is how easy they are to use with 2 scrambling toddlers. So when you visit a store to try out some pushchairs, take a couple of 12-15kg ...

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