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A ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ moment

For all those twin parents who are having a tough time at the moment, I just wanted to share with you a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ moment.

This past sunny weekend, my three-year old twins spent almost the whole weekend running around the garden and the green at the front of our house pretending to be Treefu Tom (if you don’t know who that is – refer to Cbeebies).

They waved at cars that went passed but had the good sense not to go on the road. They sat under a tree and picked daisies with their teddies. They played hide and seek in the trees. They needed very little supervision which meant I could finally attend to my garden which has been neglected these last three years. Watching them play together in the sunshine, brought a tear to my eye.

It was an image I had had in my head since I found I was having twins and there in front of my eyes that image was being played out. In the evening, they even watched the whole of Monsters Inc. whilst I got on with my ironing undisturbed.

This weekend was a real break-through couple of days for me. I feel I’ve reached yet another milestone, and believe me, it feels good. Now I just have to master the art of having a relaxing bath without being constantly asked ‘Mummy what ya’ doing?’.

Can you share a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ moment or a completed milestone that made you feel good?


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