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The history and vision of Designed For Twins (reviewed by their parents)

Frankie and TwinsThe vision for Designed For Twins was created when mum of newborn twins, Frankie Mortimore, realised that there was a wealth of information online for parents of singletons but very little available for parents of twins. Frankie attended her local Twins Club and from there she was able to gain invaluable insights and experiences from parents of older twins but found it difficult to share or pass on their views and recommendations.

With website training already completed during her 15 year marketing career, Frankie thought it was about time there existed a free online resource where parents of twins could review and recommend products, that are specifically designed for twins, to each other. In summary, a place that stores all those lovely snippets of experience from parents of twins that you gain from attending a Twins Club and shares them with ALL parents of twins worldwide!


So if you have question about twin products such as:

  • Should I buy a side-by-side or tandem double buggy?
  • Where can I get a double swim float?
  • Are twin trikes available in the UK?
  • Which is the best pillow for feeding twins?
  • Is it possible to follow Gina Ford’s routines with twins?
  • Are there any discounts for parents of twins?
  • Which large changing bag is best for twins?
  • Do large play mats for twins exist?
  • Where can I get a large playpen?

Then exploring this site should give you the answers to all of the above questions. If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to then drop us an email. We’ll share the enquiry with our social media followers and list of contacts to help you find the right answer.


Working with suppliers of twin related products

After a short time we were approached by suppliers that manufacture products that are ideal for twins and were willing to offer a discount to our followers. This led Frankie to create a regular email to share discounts with families that have twins. Sign up to receive these emails.

Chatting with amazing twin parents

Over the past couple of years since this site has been running, Frankie has got to know many amazing twin parents. So she created a series of inspiring interviews to share with other twins parents. Be inspired here by authors of twin books, owners of twin related businesses and inventors of twin related products – all parents of twins themselves!

We don’t sell anything

We don’t sell anything! We purely exist for you to browse and discover what twin related products are available in the UK and worldwide. However, we have provided links to the suppliers or in most cases, Amazon should you wish to purchase one of the reviewed products.


Just to mention that this site only works if parents of twins continuously send us fresh reviews. We’ll publish those reviews on this site and share them via our social media pages to help other parents of twins discover what they need to make life with twins that little bit easier! So please send us a review here.

For any further information about Frankie Mortimore, this website or a twin related product or service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

p.s. don’t forget to share Designed For Twins with other parents of twins.