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Essential Twin Kit

When I was pregnant a friend helped me compile a list of essential kit for the new baby. There are lots of these types of lists available on the web. There’s a good checklist here. However, when we found out it was twins, we wondered what products specifically designed for twins, were available that might make life with twins that little bit easier.

So what you should buy, what’s helpful and what would be nice to have? Can you add any items designed for newborn twins (or twins in their first year) to this checklist? Let us have your comments below:

  1. Twin Double Buggy: Check it can be used from birth i.e. the seats lie flat. See reviews for double buggies here
  2. Double Buggy Sunshade: Whether it’s winter or summer, your twins will grumble if the sun is in their eyes. Forget trying to drape a muslin cloth over the buggy. One gust of wind and it’s gone. See reviews for the Twin Snoozeshade here
  3. Large double twin nappy changing bag: There are several available. They are essential when you have to carry enough kit for two. See reviews for large nappy changing bags here
  4. Twins breast feeding pillow: If you intend to breastfeed two at a time. Yes it is possible. Check out the feeding guide from the Multiple Births Foundation. See reviews on twins double breast feeding nursing pillow here
  5. Large play mat: Forget trying to balance two on a playmat for singleton babies. As soon as they can roll over it becomes useless. So good advice to buy a large one from birth. See reviews for large playmats here
  6. Bunk bed cots: Really useful if space is an issue. See reviews for twin bunk cot beds here
  7. Podee handsfree baby bottle: A miracle product that not only helps bottle feeding two at the same time but also helps to reduce colic and reflux. Best used when the babies are a few months old. See Podee reviews here
  8. Twin playpen: Not required until they can crawl but the bigger the play pen, the less ‘arguments’ they’ll have. See large twin playpen reviews here
  9. Twin baby slings: Want to be able take advantage of the sunshine and countryside air when your partner is at work? See reviews for the Twin Trexx Baby Carrier
  10. Twin swim float: Obviously not essential but really handy if one parent can look after two babies, whilst the other parent can enjoy a few lengths of the pool. You still need two people to take twin babies swimming especially for the undressing/dressing part of the process. Plus, most pools will have a one-parent to one-baby policy anyway. See reviews for the twin swim float
  11. Books: Yep, definitely worth reading at least one so you know what to expect. See book reviews here

So what can you add to this list? Did you find it useful? Or would you like to remove any items designed for newborn twins (or twins in their first year) from this checklist? 


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