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Bugaboo Donkey Duo for twins

Bugaboo donkey duo reviews

Bugaboo Donkey Duo – Reviews by parents of twins
 Easy to push, light to steer, comfy, side by side, and easy to fold. Stylish. Takes up a lot of space in boot though! RachelP July 2014

 I love my bugaboo:

  • PROS: it’s easy to push with one hand, looks nice, fits on the bus and through most doors, will last until my twins are wanting to walk, handle moves so fantastic for a tall person like me. Good for off road walking.
  • CONS: wont go through my front door without taking apart, break keeps sticking, rain covers are a struggle to get on. Your paying for the name, basket underneath too small. lucy millgate May 2014
 Definitely recommend the bugaboo donkey for its diversity. I loved the fact that the twins could sit either way – facing me, away, or cross-cross. It didn’t give it 5* due to the price ! TheVroni May 2014

 Very maneuvrable, easy to clip the carrycots and car seats (plus adaptor) on and off. Feels robust and good quality. Fits into the boot of our Mazda 5 without being folded. I can lift it in and out but it is quite heavy. The only real disadvantage is that it’s almost impossible to get anything in or out of the storage basket when the carrycots are on. When I go shopping, I take one of the carrycots off while I pack the basket – a bit of a hassle but not much. Fine with the car seats, though. Norrie March 2014

 Fantastic quality. Looks stylish. Suitable from birth until toddler stage and available with adapters for car seats. As it shrinks down to a single buggy with a useful bag, can be used on those occasions when you only have one baby with you (like when my twins were separated as one was in scbu). Only negative is it is quite large when folded but I love it all the same. Momiessie March 2014

 Love this buggy….stylish, easy to manoeuvre, simple to fold down, great on both rough and smooth terrains. Worth every penny! Lisa March 2014

 Am loving my donkey! Boys now 9mo old and its been fab. After shopping around got the full twin set up and car seat adapter for about £850 from mothercare under their price match scheme. Am hoping to get good resale but assume I will be using this for as long as I can. Carrycots – lasted ages, much longer than friends’ I-candy. Used for downstairs sleeps. Boys always comfy. Has all washed v clean and now put away for re-sale. Boys slept really well in it. Raincover v tight – prob not designed for carrycot as fits pushchair set up fine. Also be aware that carrycot and pushchair use same frame, so when you switch mode you pretty much do it for good. Bottom basket difficult to access in this mode. Car seat mode – nice high seating position, easy to click on and off, too wide for many shop doorways but fine in supermarkets and centres. Buggy mode – face you, face away, with upright, half recline and full recline options. Rain covers easy to fit when you get hang of it and bottom basket easier to access. Fits in almost all doorways. Folding – once you get the hang of it and catches loosen then easy to fold. Quite heavy to lift in / out car but doable. I leave mine in twin mode except when packing to go away when condense it down : remove wheels etc to take up less space – but we have an Audi a6 so enough space to throw it in for day-to-day. Steering – can easily push one handed when just boys / bottom basket full (hard if big changing bag on handle though). Perfect in town, easy up and down kerbs, pretty easy on light off road (across the park, on the tow path etc) TwinMummy73 August 2013

 I really wanted a side by side pram and after looking at a few online saw the Bugaboo Donkey. We originally discounted it due to price but kept coming back to it. I am so glad we did. In the first few weeks using it in car seat mode was a life saver and then going to the carrycots was a breeze. The pram is amazing, so easy to push and manoeuvre. It also fits through the majority of doorways. The exception being the exit from the car park into John Lewis in Edinburgh and my front room doorway, so could be worse. In carrycot and pushchair mode it does take up a lot of boot space but we have always managed to fit everything in. My boys are now 20 months so have got a second hand McLaren Twin Techno as it is now the pram, trikes, toys and the like that travel with us continually. Pushing the McLaren makes me realise how brilliant the Bugaboo is! AMiles July 2013

 We have used this from birth up to 16 months and still use it for long trips. It folds up easily and my main reason for getting this buggy was because not only could it be parent facing but one child was not stuck behind or under the other. We have had no problems with it and find it light to push and easy to maneuver.  It’s also not as wide as some side by sides so can get through most doors, infact there’s only one we haven’t been able to get through and that was a very small cottage door. Would recommend to other parents of twins. Ajandjjtwins February 2013

 I decided not to purchase this product after extensive research and comparison, for the following reasons: -the high price reflects the expensive marketing campaign around it, not the higher quality, it looks plasticky and cheap -you have to take seats to fold it and put it in the boot -not the case with mountain buggy duet, easywalker or maclaren -much wider once you put car seats – unlike the easywalker and mountainbuggy duet which remain a lot narrower. Defeats the purpose of going for one of the higher end buggies -I would never use it in single mode with twins -plus it looks awkward in “single” -I would not use the feature of rear facing seats once they’re out of carseats, by then they want to look out and explore what’s ahead of them, and not see their mum the entire ride! If the Donkey was £600 I would still have preferred the Easywalker and the Mountain Buggy. Don’t waste your money, you’ll need it when they start growing into little people! AD Jan 2013

 This buggy is brilliant! My twin girls have used it since birth. They slept comfortably in the carrycots until 6 months and now enjoy to look around from the seats. Of particular importance to me was being able to see both babies and they have been able to face me from the carrycots and the seats. The buggy is quick and easy to assemble as the carrycots and seats use the same frame and pop off quickly to put in the back of the car. The chassis is not too heavy either to lift. The buggy is very easy to manoeuvre and has an adjustable handle so my husband and I can push it at different heights. It can be pushed with one hand and provides a very smooth ride for the babies. It can be used in most shops as will fit through all doors/lifts designed for wheelchairs . The chassis can also be used with two car seats side by side which is handy if the babies are asleep, however the buggy is wider than normal when used in this mode. The accessories are well made and of a good quality too. We have the sunshades and the foot muffs and both have been great although pricey to buy, especially for two! This is a fantastic buy and well worth the money if you can afford it. It makes getting out and about with twins very easy! I love my bugaboo! Mary September 2012

 Although it is really expensive it is worth it, the only negative is that the rain covers do not fit it properly, they are rubbish, suprising as the rest if buggy has been well designed – it is lightweight, you can steer it with one hand, mine has been battered in the last 7 months being taken out on dirt tracks when I am out walking the dog and it has survived really well, the different seat positions are great so babies can face you or face outwards, it is easy to collapse and put up, sturdy but light, would definately recommend to other twin parents. izzyandlivvy July 2012

 I will start with the 1 and only downside of this pram, it is too expensive!! However there are sites on facebook that tell you where to get the best price and also second hand ones. Now to the positives 🙂 it is so easy to put up, I have a bad back so this is very important to me. You can steer with one finger and it fits through most doors. There is always going to be somewhere you can’t get through because some places don’t think about wheelchairs nevermind double buggies.My twins look so comfortable in their carrycot and it is great that I can carry them into house in them without waking them up. I havnt used the pushchair seats yet but I am sure they will be great too. I would definately recommend the donkey to future parents of twins. A great investment as resale values are great too 🙂 Andrea July 2012

 We have a 2 yr old and 6 week old twins, and rather than going for a triple buggy (eeeek!) we opted for the Donkey as it ticked so many boxes for us, and I could use it if I’m just out with my toddler. It is very maneuverable with small turning circle. Good sized basket on it too. I love that it’s a travel system, but agree that with car seats, they jut out just a tiny bit too much, so doors that legally have to be wide enough for wheelchairs are about 1in too narrow…. It’s ok with seats or bassinets though. We get do many comments on it and I’m looking forward to using it with the seats when the time comes. Lish July 2012

 I have the Bugaboo donkey for my twins. I love the whole travel system. It may be one of the most expensive buggy’s out there. But it ticks so many boxes and we got it as a present from the gradparents. We only had two 3-door cars when we found out and this alongside the icandy were the only 2 prams to fit in the boot. We tried them all, it was hilarious. We did not want to rush out and buy a new car. We have since upgraded to an estate car! Its lightweight and easy to carry up and down the stairs to our flat, although it does spend most of the time in the car. I choose a side by side over a tandem as I wanted to see both of them at the same time, also it gave them more room. The only disadvantage to the pram is that when both car seats are attached it makes it wider than the standard door, so you can’t get through it. They don’t tell you this when you purchase it. When the car seats are attached they do fit in stair lifts (like the ones at John Lewis) and most lifts but its tight! I love how you have got several seated positions and it can look both ways. Tobex July 2012


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