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4 extra large playmats that are on offer on Amazon

TLC Alphabet & Numbers large playmat

Save money by choosing one of these four extra large playmats - all are currently discounted on Amazon (as at 25 April 2014).

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Top tips for getting through the first year with twins

surviving first year with twins

My top tips for getting …

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Double Buggy Recommendations – readers survey

Double Buggy Reader Survey Results 24 Feb 14

Which is the most recommended Double Buggy - In our February 2014 newsletter we asked our followers to let us know which double buggy they would recommend.

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Don’t choose a pushchair until you’ve done the potato test!

the potato test - advice on buying a pushchair for twins

How to choose a pushchair …

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28 things strangers say to parents of twins!

silly things strangers say to parents of twins

Owners of Twins Gift Company & identical twin sisters - Karen & Lindsey, asked their customers what people say to them when they see they have twins.

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What to buy before your twins arrive

What to buy before your twins arrive

The list of things to …

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Some of the most fascinating facts about twins you’ll ever read!

Fascinating facts about twins

15 Fascinating Twins Facts by …

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7 Ways to Help Your Twins Develop Individually

Emotionally Healthy Twins

Author of Emotionally Healthy Twins: Joan A Friedman, provides advice on how to ensure your twins develop as individuals.

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Insight into growing up with your identical twin

Identical twin insights

Tell us about your childhood …

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Five Tips for Enjoying Twin Pregnancy

Tips for enjoying a twin pregnancy

Amidst the extensive list of …

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