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Finding the Perfect Play Pen for Twins

Having twins can be a struggle. Keep them happy and safe when you have other things to tend to, especially if you are at home alone is one of those struggles that we all have to deal with. Playpens are a great option to keep your twins safe and help you have peace of mind as you tend to other tasks.

Twins are a handful and you only have one set of hands so a playpen is a great way to make sure that you can get done what needs to be done and keep your twins occupied and safe. Playpens also allow you to tend to one twin at a time. If one twin needs to be fed, changed, or bathed, you can rest easy knowing that the other twin is safe in the playpen.

Perfect Play Pen for twins: What to look out for

There are a few things to look for when you are searching for a playpen for twins

  • Sturdy – First and foremost, you want a sturdy playpen. When looking for a playpen, make sure that the sides of the playpen are sturdy. The last thing you want is for the playpen to collapse when your twins are in it.
  • Locks – Check the locking mechanisms on the playpen. You want the playpen to lock in place securely so it can stand up to your twins moving around and playing.
  • Size – Make sure that the playpen is large enough for two children. There will be plenty of times when you want both children in the playpen together so you can keep them safe while you focus on other tasks. Having a playpen of an adequate size ensures that the twins have enough space to comfortably move around and stretch out without constantly bumping into each other.
  • Mobility – Consider the playpens mobility as well. Most playpens can be moved easily around the house and often are suitable for taking outside when the weather allows

Popular Play Pens for twins

To help you consider some different playpen options, we have chosen a few that parents of twins have reviewed positively:

Pop-up Portable PlaypenPortable pop up Playpen for twins“Fantastic product, very sturdy and keeps my twins safe and secure when needed. ”

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jolly kidz toys vertsatile playpen and extension
Jolly Kidz Versatile Playpen + Extension  “My daughter in law has one, it’s a life saver!” 

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lcp kids corral baby playpen xxl size
LCP Kids Large 12 Sided Baby Playpen   “I purchased one of these playpens when my twins started crawling – a great buy.”

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If you are looking for a great way to keep your twins safe while you are busy with household chores, a playpen might just be the solution you are looking for. Playpens can help busy mums have peace of mind knowing that their twins are safe, happy, and content.

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