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Finding the Perfect Playmat for Twins

Playmats are the perfect, safe environment for babies to start exploring the world. Most are brightly coloured, with different textures and sometimes attached toys, all designed to create and excellent stimulating adventure for your little ones.

Aside from just being fun, playmats have many important benefits, and play a vital role in baby’s development, both physical, mental and visual.

Benefits of playmats

  • Physical – The mat encourages them to use their arms and legs, reaching our and touching the different elements. It is also the place that they first start to learn to roll and crawl. “Tummy time”, spending time on their front is important to help strengthen the back muscles.
  • Visual – Playmats help to improve baby’s visual perception as they interact with the bright contracting colours.
  • Mental – The mat is also a great please for children to start learning cause and effect and realising the consequences of their actions. i.e. When they push a toy it moves, or they grab a piece of cloth and it makes a noise. This is important for the cognitive development.

Playmats for Twins

Playmats come in a wide variety of styles, but the key thing for parents of twins is finding a mat that is suitably large to accommodate two babies without encroaching on one another’s space. This becomes particularly important as they grow older and want to move and roll around.

Once you’ve decided that you want to purchase a playmat, how do you go about selecting one? Below we’ve picked out some of the more popular playmats available on the market:

Fisher Price Jumbo PlaymatFisher Price Jumbo Playmat – The Fisher price playmats are a really great option as they offer a large play area (the mat is almost 5ft long), it is brightly coloured and includes five interactive toys that will help your child’s development. Prices start at around £40 on Amazon. Discover more about the Fisher Price Playmat.

Skip Hop ABC Zoo Mega MatSkip Hop Mega Mat – Skip Hop is one of the leading brands in this space and they offer the Mega mat in a variety of different styles, including the Zoo Alphabet and Treetop Friends. Both are brightly coloured and feature different textures like “crinkle” bird wings. They also come with a handle for easy transportation. Prices start from around £30 on Amazon. Discover more about the Skip Hop Mega Mat.

Tiny love super playmatTiny Love Super Playmat Tiny Love playmats are great for physical stimulation offering different elements for your babies to interact with. Large, comfy and easy to transport. Prices start from around £40 on Amazon. Discover more about the Tiny Love Super Playmat.

Skip Hop Playspot Large PlaymatSkip Hop Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles Playspot – These interlocking foam tiles come in a packs allowing you to lay a very large floormat using all the tiles, or a smaller one with fewer tiles if necessary. Unlike some other foam tiles, these have been developed to be suitable for children of all ages. They are also a sleek and stylish option that would fit with your home décor. Discover more about Skip Hop Foam Floor Tiles PlayspotWhile this is a more expensive option, with prices starting at around £170, it will last you much longer as you could continue to use it as your children grow.

These playmats are all great options to go for if you want a safe, interactive area where your twins can play and grow. See more ideas to help you discover large playmats for twins.

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