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Freehand Bib Reviews

Freehand Bib Reviews

Handsfree Baby Bottle Feeding

This British designed Bib called the Freehand Bib is recommended by parents of twins. Its unique bottle holder encourages your babies to hold the bottle themselves. You can find out more about the Freehand Bib from the supplier’s website www.freehandbib.com or click here to buy from Amazon. Here’s what parents of twins say about the Freehand Bib:

There are so many gadgets for babies these days and most of them seem like a waste of money…BUT I love these freehand bibs! They are a twin mums dream to feeding two babies at once. I have used them for the past 5 weeks, when feeding the boys at home in their bouncy chairs and also out and about (works so well in their car chairs). The bibs are large enough to hold a large bottle and they facilitate teaching your little ones to hold their own bottle too. How do they practically work? The bib has a magnetic feature that creates a ledge for the bottle to rest on and a Velcro strap to secure it in place, leaving your hands free to supervise your little ones and burp one while the other continues drinking. You can place their hands around the bottle to help teach them to hold it (it should become a habit soon enough). The colours are nice and bright and the material is really soft. The underside is waterproof which means that milk that’s caught on the top of the bib wont leak through to clothes; although I have found that when introducing a faster flow valve the mess does increase and milk will escape and end up on their clothes. I think these will be used until the boys are able to hold their own bottles without any assistance. I would love to see more colours for the bibbee bows, just to make them more playful and so you can use different ones to help everyone tell two little ones apart 🙂 Everyone who I’ve shown these to have loved the idea (some went online to see how to order them too) and I’m sure it won¹t be long until we see freehand bibs everywhere we turn. Thank you for making a twin mums life a little easier. Marilu February 2017

A totally different kind of bibI would recommend the Freehand bibs for parents of twins as once you get used to using them they making feeding both babies at the same time so much easier. They are a bit tricky to get the bottle attached with one hand but once that’s sorted they work a treat. The fact that they are waterproof means that if you have a messy drinker then they don’t get as wet as they would with a cloth bib. These bibs also encourage the babies to feed themselves, again making things easier when trying to feed twins at the same time. h_tharago October 2016

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