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Interview with Dee James

Ever thought about starting your own Twin related business?

Dee James and her twins
Dee James and her twins

Twin Hatch Baby Planners was founded by Dee James after the birth of her twins. Dee suffered from SPD during her pregnancy which limited her mobility which meant it was difficult to go shopping and fully prepare for the arrival of her babies. So a baby planning service that could be brought to parents’ home or workplace was created.

Twin Hatch is a baby planning service in London and the South East, they specialise in supporting twin parents and parents-to-be. They’ll help you choose all those essentials you’ll need when your twins arrive and they offer many other services including twin dad to dad consultation!

Read our interview with Dee and find out more about her twins and Dee’s new business – Twin Hatch Baby Planners:

What is your most cherished memory of your twins to date?

The most cherished moment if I had to pick one was seeing them both for the first time and the joy of seeing two healthy babies was overwhelming.

What was the most important milestone for your twins when you felt life was becoming a little bit easier?

I think the important milestone for me was when they started sleeping though the night and then life became a bit easier for all at home.

What do you think is the hardest thing about being a parent of twins?

The hardest thing about being a mum to the twins is feeling like you should be doing more with them, I dance around, sing and play but still feel i should be doing more.

Whats the best thing about being a twin parent?

The best thing about being a twin parent is the fun they bring to a home.

What’s the silliest thing a stranger has asked you about your twins?

Strangers have asked me if they were IVF twins, which I chose not to answer, and are they identical, even when they are aware they are a boy and a girl.

Are your twin’s personalities alike or ‘chalk & cheese’?

My twins are not similar at all – chalk and cheese, Jacob is a busy body he is into everything, he will explore the world when he’s older and Ella is a little quieter but loves to laugh, sing and play.

How did your working life change as a result of having twins?

My working life changed when I  was expecting twins as I was advised to finish work at 18 weeks due to complications, I had SPD which was tough. So I finished work very early and after having the twins decided I would start my own business.

What inspired you to start your business?

My twins inspired me to start a business. I wanted products and I had no joy when I contacted various companies. No one called me back and I felt very uninformed. I wanted to offer a service that would assist twin parents. I had limited mobility when I was expecting twins and I wish I had someone who could meet me and go through everything I needed. So I set up a company that would support parents and offer services from Lactation Consultants to product advisors to cleaners.

Can you summarise your business in a few sentences?

Twin Hatch are a twin baby planning and product advisory service. We offer a wide range of products and support packages to parents of twins. We specialise in supporting twin parents-to-be and parents with limited mobility.

How does your business differ from similar websites?

Twin Hatch not only retails products, gets the best prices and has access to the latest products but we also offer support in parents homes, as well as meeting in the workplace or location of the customers choice. We lead the way with this and no other twin company offers this service. We formed to support twin parents at whatever stage they need us.

What is the one thing you would say to someone who has just found they are having twins?

Health, wellbeing and nutrition – everything else will fall into place.

Twin Hatch Logo

Designed For Twins would like to thank Dee for taking the time to speak to us. We wish her all the very best with her new business and her twins!

To find out more visit their website www.twinhatch.co.uk

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