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Johnny Pearce Interview

Twins Survival Guide for Dads by Johnny Pearce
Twins Survival Guide for Dads by Johnny Pearce

Twins Survival Guide for Dads

Johnny Pearce is a Dad of twins and author of Twins: A Survival Guide For Dads. Last month Johnny asked us if we would like to review his book and of course we said yes but we also wanted to find out more about the author:

We asked Johnny:

What is your most cherished memory of your twins to date?

There are many, from the excitement of watching them catch sight of chickens at the farm to lying in bed with them and reading, and having them interact so beautifully with the book (doesn’t always happen, mind…). But on a regular basis, there is nothing quite like walking into the nursery and waiting for them to spot you and run over, delighted, in their own, individual, inimitable ways.

What was the most important milestone for your twins when you felt life was becoming a little bit easier?

I think, as a parent looking after two active children, the moment when they can start playing with each other and occupy each other to the extent that they are not glued to you, or you to them, is a big moment.

What do you think is the hardest thing about being a parent of twins?

Time. I think the amount of time one has to dedicate to them can be really difficult and without the help of my partner’s parents, we would certainly struggle a lot more. The idea that we are twice as unlikely to get a lie-in for the next ten years is also hard to handle!

What’s the best thing about being a twin parent?

Having two different children to make parenting so much more interesting, all at once. It seems harsh, but when you walk past singleton parents, with your twins in tow, you can’t help but think, “Is that it? You’ve been seen off!” There is something fulfilling about twins that I don’t think you would so easily get with a singleton.

What’s the silliest thing a stranger has asked you about your twins?

Well my dad did ask whether boy and girl twins could be identical… Don’t know if he qualifies as a stranger. It’s nice that people actually take the time and stop you over your twins. I know some people complain about this, but when they become toddlers, and people don’t see them as cute babies but as little tearaway toddlers, you kind of miss the “awww, twins” attention.

Are your twin’s personalities alike or ‘chalk & cheese’?

Fairly chalk and cheese. One appears to be quicker at picking things up, but quicker to temper; the other more laid back (though you wouldn’t have thought so these last few weeks!) and less hectic. But that’s great. I’m all for twindividuality!

How did your working life change as a result of having twins?

My partner took a year off maternity; and then, as a teacher, I was able to go down to part time when she came back to work (we work at the same school). Having a term time only nursery is a real bonus when we both have school holidays. I think flexible working arrangements are a real benefit.

What inspired you to write your book?

I am a part time writer of philosophy and other non-fiction, so am not averse to writing. But the real inspiration was the utter lack of anything out there for dads of twins, and certainly from this side of the Atlantic.

Can you summarise your book in a few sentences?

A realistic view of twin fatherhood; short, but packing in information and advice in an honest but humorous way. Or something.

How does your book differ from others that are available?

There are others available?

What is the one thing you would say to a Dad who has just found they are having twins?

Good luck. I know a book that might interest you… Or… Never turn down help. Yes we can cope, and we are not incapable, but help, well, helps!


Have you read Johnny’s survival guide for twin dads? Send us your review.


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