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Peanut and Piglet Reviews

Peanut and Piglet Twins Feeding Pillow Reviews

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Breast feeding pillow for twins by PigletThe Peanut and Piglet twins feeding pillow is designed by a twin mummy, for twin mummies.  The U shaped cushion is for your babies to lie on. It has supports at the rear to keep the cushion horizontal and keep your babies in place. The back support sits you comfortably in an upright position.

 Thank you Emma for designing this amazing pillow it’s the best purchase I have made and has made my life so much easier to breast feed my beautiful baby twin boys. One of them needed to be fed with a bottle on some feeds and it was easy for me to breast feed one and bottle feed the other at the same time, which I am actually doing now while I write this review. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with twins or even a single baby as it allows hands free. I was going to buy a chair for feeding but feel like I don’t need one now as this cushion works well on the lounge chair, sofa and bed. Thanks again for a brilliant product. Jane February 2017

This pillow has, without a doubt, been one of the main reasons I’ve been able to exclusively breastfeed by darling twin girls for the past 4 months! (That combined with a lot of stubborn determination from myself, support and encouragement from my husband and many many slices of Nutella on toast!). When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I was adamant that I was going to crack the breastfeeding and so researched various holds and techniques and learned that getting the babies to the correct height that is comfortable for your back is important to a good latch and spent some time perusing the internet for a pillow of some kind that would enable me to achieve the right position as I knew that I would be spending many hours there…that was when I discovered the Peanut and Piglet pillow. When it arrived, me and my husband both “had a go” with the pillow and we were instantly impressed with its comfortable shape and the fact that you still have both hands available! Good for handling the babies, yes. But also useful for pointing the remote at the TV or shovelling copious amounts of cake into your mouth! I took it with me into hospital when I had them and from day one we have mastered the art. Biggest achievement of my life – breastfeeding these twins. So thank you.  Lisa January 2017

The piglet pillow enabled me to breastfed my twins simultaneously. It would absolutely not be possible without the piglet pillow as breastfeeding was problematic from the very beginning. I wish I purchased it earlier (I did when my twins were 3 weeks old) as it would save me a lot of stress when twins had to be fed at the same time. I can honestly say that this was “must have” for me and this was one of those things without which I would simply stop breastfeeding. The piglet pillow was very comfortable for me and my twins as it was high enough for them to nurse easily and for me not to bend my back. Additionally it looks cool so it could just stand next to the sofa in the living room. I used the pillow until my twins reached 3 months. It was hard to use it later on when they were bigger as sides of the pillow were quite narrow and had no bump at the edge. So when I put one baby and reached for the second (I needed both hands to take the second baby), the one on the pillow almost rolled off. Overall I would highly recommend the piglet pillow to any mum of twins who are 0-3 months old. It is a “must have” to kick off parallel feeding and looks great too. Agnieszka February 2016

I bought the pig pillow for my wife to try and make feeding our twins as easy as possible. Having previously struggled with our first child I thought it might be worth a try. Even one of the midwives was negative when we mentioned we had bought the pillow (old school!!!). But I have to say its been a blessing. The twins feed amazingly well on the pillow and my wife is comfortable even being able to eat or drink during the feeding process. It acts like a platform and enables them both to feed and therefore save valuable time…. Otherwise she would be feeding all day and night. My wife can’t feed them both without it…. She has tried. !!! Would 100% recommend. Tim February 2016

My twins are just 3 weeks old and the Piglet pillow has been invaluable in helping me successfully breastfeed and importantly feed them at the same time saving precious time. They were a healthy weight and are growing quickly so the only thing I would say is the boy might not fit on for much longer but I would highly recommend the pillow for twin mum’s to be who are planning on breastfeeding. The design is really cute as well! Sophie February 2016

I have found the Piglet pillow so useful. I would recommend it to any new twin mummies to be as a must have purchase! I wasn’t too sure how well I would be at breast feeding twins as I struggled with my son. But with the help of the pillow, it really made things so much easier and a joy to feed. I also love the fabric, & the cover is washable. I have also used it to bottle feed & my hubby likes to use the back support as an arm rest when he is feeding! Thanks for creating a fab product! Meryl February 2016

I just wanted to send a review of this amazing product. I cannot recommend the pillow highly enough. Without it I would have certainly given up breastfeeding my twins. 8 weeks in and I’m still exclusively breastfeeding them. Many people can’t quite believe it, but I put it down to your pillow!! Debbie November 2015

I received my pillow 2 days ago and I would like to say thank you so much to Peanut & Piglet as it has made life a lot easier feeding my piglets together. Facebook review

 The pillow arrived today and I love it! Very good design with the small pillow in the back – and the little piglets are so cute. Thanks again for the personal attention during the order 🙂 Kelsea September 2015

After much research I purchased the Piglet Pillow on the basis of the reviews I’d seen and to be honest it has exceeded my expectations. The pillow has enabled us to tandem feed with ease which has probably made the difference in continuing breastfeeding. There is ample room for the twins and it’s the perfect height for them to latch. While the pillow initially seemed huge I love that the size means that if one twin finishes before the other they can be propped up for burping or interacting with mummy while the other continues feeding. I find it easy to use both on the sofa and in bed and the back support is particularly welcome. I love the design of the fabric which makes it a lot more fun than other pillows on the market. Delivery was much quicker than I had expected (a blessing as the twins also arrived early!) and I received regular updates from Emma. As a family we would be lost without the Piglet Pillow so I cannot recommend it highly enough! Laura August 2015

 I received the pillow late morning here, and I’m very fond of it already. It fits snuggly and stays put. It is just lovely! Thank you so much for helping me with the international delivery and all your customer service. I’ll brag about the pillow whenever I can. Heather July 2015

I can honestly say that I think the pillow has been the difference between breastfeeding the girls and not. They are now six weeks old. At first I was a bit sceptical when Stephen showed it to me online as it seemed quite a lot of money but we decided to go ahead and get it anyway. I had spent a day or two fighting w normal pillows, v-pillows and so on but the twins kept slipping down and falling between the cracks. What I like about the pillow is that all three of us are comfy throughout the feed. I can use the pillow with no one else to help me and can lie one girl on one side while I cuddle/wind or sort the other one out. If I lift one up to wind, the pillow doesn’t lose its shape. They are able to look at each other while feeding and I can give them gentle prods if they go to sleep. The back cushion is very good support too. Also, I can sit hands free (like I am doing now) and do other things – drink,eat, hold books/magazines/phone) – while the girls feed. I also flip the curved pillow round and put the smaller pillow on top to make an armchair to feed the girls at the same time using bottles. I haven’t learned to feed the girls with bottles using it in the conventional way yet. The girls like looking at the pigs while I sort one or other of them out. I would definitely recommend it to other people and have done so already. The pillow does need to be made of the firm material as it gets sat on and squashed quite a lot by me, my husband and our other children. My only slight concern is that is might splay a bit after a few months. At the moment I just tuck it in towards me if I feel either side moving out and this seems to do the trick. It has only happened a couple of times. Caroline July 2015

For the short time that I used The Piglet Pillow I found it a fantastic pillow. It was easy to use with the back support and the pillow is the exact height for the boys to latch on and feed. They definitely found it to be comfortable and so did I. If I were to continue with tandem breast feeding I would definitely be using and would recommend the pillow. Laura June 2015

I love this pillow, I was really struggling to tandem feed until I used it, or even feed independently due to bad positioning. The height of this pillow is great and transformed my babies’ latch (and my bad back). I was going to give up as I was struggling so much, but after using this pillow it all changed. I am so pleased I found it and persevered. Our feeding time is so precious and now very comfy too. They are both so happy after feeds and lay there on the pillow smiling up at me all contented. LayB May 2015

 I wasn’t sure which pillow to buy and a friend told me about The Piglet Pillow. I really wanted to breastfeed and felt that this one would help me most with this. I am really happy with my purchase, my twins are now happily feeding. Kate May 2015

 Excellent nursing pillow for tandem feeding twins. I love the back support, it made me adopt the right position whilst feeding. It’s so good that I am using it even if I am breastfeeding the twins separately. The greatest feature of the pillow is that it is tall enough so I didn’t slouch in order for my twins to reach the breasts. I had to slouch quite a bit with my old pillow. I am 5.2 ft, and had to put a cushion under my feet whilst feeding on the sofa. That is so I could flex my knees in order to raise the head end of the pillow a bit. Ladies this is miles away from the mountains of cushions I needed in order to achieve the right position with my other nursing pillow. I thoroughly recommend this product. Gabriella Frunza April 2015.

 Being able to tandem breastfeed my twins meant I could truly feed them on demand and keep them both happy. The Piglet pillow has a great back support which makes it comfortable and easy to use for those long stretches of feeding which are inevitable in the early days, putting less pressure on your back. Both babies were well supported and cushioned in towards me meaning I could feed them ‘hands free’, pretty much vital if I wanted to change channel on the TV, chat to mates on facebook or eat and drink myself! The twins are now a year old and I’m still happily breast feeding. Izzy Pugh April 2015.

 I love this pillow. I didn’t need piles of extra cushions to make it work, as I did with other brands. The babies were safe and comfortable. It’s very easy to use – breastfeeding twins is complicated enough! Emma Fogden April 2015

 I tried and tested Emma’s prototype cushion when my twin girls were 2-3 months old. I had been breastfeeding my babies in tandem using a rather heavy and cumbersome cushion which I bought second hand and restricted me to sitting in one particular chair with arm rests and an awkward arrangement of cushions underneath and behind me for adequate support – all in all it was (and still is) pretty uncomfortable and annoying.) Emma’s cushion was extremely light to carry and meant I could set myself up to feed easily without help. Its shape also allowed me the option of feeding on the sofa or in bed. In the few days I used the cushion, I found tandem feeding much less stressful and I was sorry to have to give it back! Farin Roberts-Mudie April 2015


Buy now from Amazon

Available to buy from Amazon.

You can find out more about this feeding pillow for twin mums by visiting www.peanutandpiglet.co.uk


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