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Podee handsfree baby bottles

Podee Baby Bottles ReviewsReviews by parents of twins on the Podee handsfree baby bottles

 Works really well for one of my twins, she can drain a bottle in about 10 minutes or so. But useless for my other. She sucks and sucks, seems like she’s going great guns until you check the bottle and she’s not managed to get any out! Even if you unscrew the straw part and feed her like a normal bottle she can’t work it. Obviously a teat problem. Worth trying anyway, at least if they start screaming for food at the same time my husband can give one a podee and feed the other by hand! Lily July 2013

 I love my podee’s – they have transformed feeding time for me, I have one twin who is hungry all the time and it was getting to the point where we couldnt go in the car or do anything because she wanted feeding all the time. I had a baby in my arms constantly. Now I can let her feed herself in the car, buggy or where ever! plus it frees me up to feed her twin sister! 🙂 x A&E*2012 November 2012

 I found this product to be expensive and useless. I loved the idea as I was really struggling to feed my twins on my own at bedtime. The pipes get blocked and you have to suck very hard on the teat which is also a hard plastic. I tried it myself and it was not easy to get the milk through as an adult let alone a baby doing it. A softer teat we be better. The bottle design also looked cheap to me. Needs a redesign. TTTSsurvivors October 2012

 When i first saw these advertised i felt they were a crazy idea and wondered how lazy parents would have to be to use them….. Well…. after a few months of bottle feeding my twins (who always needed a bottle at the exact same time) I was struggling. I would try and prop the boys bottles on my arms, legs etc as my hands tired of holding up 2 larger bottles to my babies at the same time. I guess if i wasted my money, at least I had tried them. Well….. I was converted! My babies adapted to them instantly! I thought they would struggle with the mouthpiece as neither ever had dummies, but they ‘got it’ instantly that if they held them to their mouths, they got milk! I alternated which twin had a podee bottle, one twin would be in my arms having a bottle held by me, whilst the other was at my side with a podee bottle. Doing this made me feel like i was still feeding them and having that time with them. Both of my boys, started to hold a normal bottle at an early age and I believe this was a result of them knowing to hold the podee mouthpiece in their mouths. I now tell everyone who I see who mentions they are due twins, or have young twins in their families about these bottles as they really did make feeding them their bottles as they got older so much easier, especially when you have 2 babies hungry at the exact same time! For single parents of twins these would also be a god send. For me, they were perfect for during the day when my husband was at work. My advice to any twin parents is – give them a go, and if you are reading this as you know someone expecting twins, these would be a perfect gift which I am certain would be much appreciated as the twins grow and require larger, heavier bottles. Charlotte Rugg September 2012


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