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Twins A Survival Guide For Dads by Johnny Pearce

Twins Survival Guide for Dads by Johnny Pearce
Twins Survival Guide for Dads by Johnny Pearce

Johnny Pearce is a Dad of twins and author of Twins: A Survival Guide For Dads. Last month Johnny asked us if we would like to review his book and of course we said yes!

Review of Twins: A survival Guide For Dads 

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 When I was first asked by Johnny Pearce to review Twins: A Survival Guide For Dads, I thought it would be time wasted because I’m a Mum of twins not a Dad. But I have to admit I was wrong. This short easy-to-read guide for Dads is succinct, full of really useful advice, facts and anecdotes from someone that has already experienced a twin pregnancy, birth and early years – and unusually for these types of self-help books, it’s all from the Dad’s point of view. What’s more this book had me laughing out loud on several occasions.

It’s hard to review a book that is meant for men without making stereotypical men vs women comments but there was so much in Johnny’s book that rang true of my first few years with my husband and our twins. I could completely relate to his suggestions of when the Dad should get involved or when to leave the task to the Mum. For example, let the Mum buy the clothes – she’ll get much more pleasure out of it. Whereas the Dad should check that the car boot is big enough for the double buggy. Johnny also suggests that Dads can also leave it up to the Mum to take care of most things associated with the birth such as packing the hospital bag, but Dad must be in charge of taking lots of coins for the hospital car park – money was the one thing that I forgot for pack!  I particularly liked this father of twins’ advice on when to be supportive of the mother – keep asking how you can help her and learn when to back away.

Our experience of having new born twins was completely different to Johnny’s family – mine were born 10 weeks early and we therefore experienced a lengthy stay in NICU,  whereas Johnny’s went full term and they were all home within a few days. Yet this didn’t distract from the usefulness of this book.  Although much smaller than other books about twins, this guide is packed full of statistics and research which, as Johnny suggests, you can wow you mates down the pub with. Plus, the book will prepare you with quick-witted responses for when you suddenly find you’re asked the most obvious, weird, random, and quite often, intrusive twin related questions by complete strangers – which will happen every 30 seconds from the moment you step outside your front door with your twins snuggled up in a double buggy.

So well done Mr Pearce. Not only have you provided the perfect present for one of my best male friends who’s expecting twins in November 2013, you have also described those first mad, crazy, blurry, hectic and scary first few months and years, from twin pregnancy through to twin toddlers, in a short, clear, straightforward and humorous read.  A big double thumbs up from me.

Review by F Mortimore, Mum of 4 year old twins and creator of www.designedfortwins.co.uk


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