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Which double buggy is best for twins?

So you’ve just discovered your having twins – congratulations! Now you need to start getting prepared for your twins. One of the most important and expensive decisions to make is which double buggy, double pram or double pushchair is best for twins?

To help you decide which double buggy to buy we have collected reviews by parents of twins on both side-by-side double buggies and tandem double buggies. Read their reviews and recommendations before you make your decision.

You can also view our checklist of points to consider before choosing the right double buggy for twins.

To see what other parents think, choose from reviews about Tandem buggies or Side-by-side buggies below:

Mikado duet twin pram
Side by side double buggies
iCandy Pear Twin Tandem
Tandem Double Buggies

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