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Double Buggy Checklist

Which double buggy is best?

Hauck Roadster Duo TwinThis checklist is designed to help parents of twins decide which double buggy to buy.

From the many double buggy reviews we’ve received from parents of twins on this website, we have summarised the key points they’ve talked about into a double buggy checklist to use when buying a double buggy.

The chances are that you wont find a double buggy that meets every need (please let us know if you do!) but if you find one that ticks off 75% of the items on this list, then you will have probably found the best double buggy for you and your twins.

Double Buggy Checklist

  1. Is it easy to push and steer – can you do it with one hand?
  2. It is easy to collapse and put up?
  3. Can you lift it into your car boot?
  4. Will it fit in your car boot when collapsed?
  5. Do the seats recline for newborns or can you add carry cots?
  6. Will it fit through your door?
  7. Does it have good suspension or air filled tyres for ‘off road’ walks?
  8. Is there enough space in the storage baskets?
  9. Will it last until your twins not longer need it – around 3 years old?
  10. It is comfortable for your twins?
  11. Is the safety harness easy to use?
  12. Do the seats sit fully upright?
  13. Does it have a bumper bar for when twins are sitting upright?
  14. Do you want your twins to face you or face forward?
  15. Does it have a hood that will protect your twins from sun and rain?
  16. Is it within your budget?

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