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A Contented House with Twins by Alice Beer and Gina Ford

A Contented House with Twins by Gina Ford Alice Beer

A Contented House with Twins reviews. Book written by Alice Beer and Gina Ford

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A Contented House with Twins by Gina Ford Alice Beer
A Contented House with Twins by Gina Ford Alice Beer
 I do recommend this book. It helped us to establish eat/sleep routines for our twins, we did not stick to the schedules, they look so “military”, although they gave us a rough idea of how to manage our day and basically what to change, when. Also it was very helpful to begin to wean. And well, when I was pregnant it gave me a general idea of what our life with our twins will be. This book is a must for every twin family! GeraldinaGV June 2013

 Hate this book The breastfeeding advice is complete rubbish and the whole thing is far too strict In my opinion the best way to get into a routine is to see what your babies are doing naturally and tweak it a bit to suit your needs Write down what they do one day and then compare it to the next Kathryn August 2012

 I appreciate that Gina Ford is like marmite – love or hate her but for me she works! I took the routines with a pinch of salt and knew my girls would ultimately decide whether it would work for us. They came out of hospital on a 3 hour routine and we adapted it over about a week to Gina’s first routine. We have never been slaves to the routines and even now the girls have their own version of it in that we have always dual fed. They also only managed to go through the night once they hit 7 months but it meant I could plan my day – something even my singleton Mum friends dream about! My 2 are contented thanks to the routine as we are anticipating their needs and don’t get them to the point where we have hungry, over tired, over stimulated babies, that’s not to say its all plain sailing! 😉 My advice with this book is not to take the minute by minute planning to heart but take the notion of a routine and make it work for you. littlelubes July 2012
Most people buying this will have heard of Gina Ford I would imagine, and therefore may know that she is an advocate of the routine with a capital R and is waaaay at the structure, order and occasional ‘tough love’ end of the spectrum. If this kind of parenting style or take on ‘the routine’ is something you don’t agree with, you won’t enjoy this book. I found it really useful and helpful. I did not follow it to the letter, in fact I would be amazed if any twin mums could or would. I did however take lots of bits from it which transformed my chaotic world that was our family when the twins were 0-6 weeks old into one where we had a routine you could recognise and repeat, the babies were more content and settled, fed well and slept through the night, and I started to feel human again. My view is that the key to using this book is adapting it to what works for you. For example no way could I give a baby a half feed and then let him happily kick on a playmat whilst the second twin had a half feed, then return to the first fed. So instead I adapted it to feeding them one straight after the other. Some of it is way too presriptive for me – I ignored the when and what to eat and when to shower bits, and let them sleep in the afternoon if they wanted to sleep etc. Even the highly watered down version of this routine that I went with was my saviour. Alice Beer’s sections were good and I found I could hugely relate – until you find out how much paid help she had and then I didn’t relate quite so much! My copy came with me everwhere for a few weeks, is still refered to occasionally (eg when the babies move on a stage, they are 6 months now) and is totally dog eared from being thumbed so much. pinkandblue July 2012

 I bought this book as my sister followed the Gina Ford routine religiously with one baby and very quickly had evenings her established in a routine which suited the whole family. I knew this was going to be harder with twins but wanted to get some ideas to at least follow in principle. However, I don’t know how anyone can follow the routines at all!! I’m bottle feeding with expressed milk but even if you were giving formula in bottles I can’t see how the routine of starting one off, then starting the other off etc would work. Likewise for breast feeding. There doesn’t appear to be any time for winding (pretty essential I’ve found!) and I still haven’t worked out how you keep a 3 month old awake when they’re really sleepy. Perhaps if you have term babies and someone on hand during the day to amuse one twin this may work. Allyvallance July 2012

 If you are a fan of Gina Ford then you will like this book but my twins were premature and they didn’t seem to follow Gina’s schedule. Their feeding and sleeping patterns were not at all like the timetable Gina suggests. However I did enjoy reading about Alice’s experiences (even if she did have a night nanny in the first year!) Chellen2009 July 2012


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