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Aquapod Duo Bath Seat

aquapod duo
aquapod duo

Please note that Mothercare UK have informed us that they no longer stock this item. If you find something similar elsewhere – please do let us know as we can’t find anything else like it on the market.

Aquapod Duo Reviews

We have found this a must have with our twins. The girls love it and have great fun playing together whilst we wash them. My husband often works late so I have to bath the girls on my own, this seat enabled me to still bath them together, saving much precious time but allowing them still to have a proper bath. My only downsides would be the temperature symbol on it, it shows cold water as too hot and lots of suction pad & plastic mouldings underneath to clean. It sticks very well to the bath, I found best technique to remove easily and efficiently is to stick your finger nail slightly between suction pad & bath, this breaks the seal without have to pull it about or worry about damaging things. We highly recommend. Sim September 2012

This was great I loved the concept of it and my twins used it for quite a while even before they could sit up properly which it tells you not to do but being twins and slightly late developers they had out grown their baby chairs. As long as you were there to support if wobbled it was fine. My main issue with this was that the mat ripped quite early on because the only way to get it out were by the handles the children hold and it ripped the mat as you pulled. I found the proper handles would not budge it because of strong suction cups (a good thing). The other thing is the temperature gage was not accurate the bath would be stone cold and it would say it was hot. My twins loved it and it supported them well but it was binned once mine had finished and not passed on like a lot of my other multiple items which was a shame especially considering how much it cost Gemma September 2012

I have used this product since my girls could sit up. With twins I found bath time very difficult and these seats were great. The only issue ( and one with all bath seats that stick with suckers to the bottom of the bath) is that they are a pain to put in and get out, often the suckers stay in the bath if you pull too hard. We had two baths until recently when we moved so we just tended to leave them in all the time but at our new house we have to take them out after each use so the rest of the family can use the bath. I picked the aquapod over the other seats on the market as you can still wash all their body easily as the bar doesn’t go all the way round. NJL September 2012

Just started using this for our 7 month old twin girls. One of our girls sits unaided whereas the other needs support so it’s not ideal for her as she falls to the side sometimes. Also their legs are quite close together so not a huge amount of space. Saying all that however its a good product and the girls love being able to look at each other in the bath and play. Sarah August 2012

This is great for bathing both boys at the same time – the seats provide support for them whilst in the bath and also gives them freedom to play and for you to be able to wash them. Anna August 2012


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