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Baby Jogger City Select Tandem

Baby Jogger City Select Twin
Baby Jogger City Select Twin
Baby Jogger City Select Twin – Reviews by parents of twins
 A good all rounder but a little heavy. Gem June 2014

 Fabulous as had carrycots, car seats and seats that were interchangeable with the least amount of fuss. Also could attach buggyboard as has toddler of under 2. Easy fold mechanism and ENORMOUS shopping basket. Mushbrain April 2014

 Lightweight, quick fold technology, takes up to 40lb per seat so suitable up to age 3, big seats so suitable for larger toddlers, extendable height handle great for taller parents (especially dads) lifetime baby jogger warranty, forever air tyres, 16 different seating combinations (although I get 3 more) suitable from newborn, 360 degree on the spot swivel, even fits in the boot of my tiny honda jazz with loads of room spare. Have tried 3 other doubles but got rid. City select – I just LOVE it!!! Lou March 2014

 Easy to use, light to push with a brilliant turning circle. It’s roomy, comfortable & can fit through regular doorways. Hatricia March 2014

 Amazing pushchair – brilliantly designed and sturdily built, excellent customer service from Baby Jogger. Best features:

  1. Both babies can see perfectly, from almost all position combinations – unlike many others, where one child sits under or behind the other
  2. Fantastically simple quick fold mechanism;
  3. ‘turns on a six pence’ – well almost!
  4. Very easy to dismantle if you need to make it compact, and completely washable -I bought mine in beige almost 3 years ago and it still literally looks like new.
  5. Huge basket, fully accessible even with both children in carrycots or fully reclined, and completely stable even when full to the brim with 4 shopping bags on the handlebar – trust me, I do it all the time!
  6. Generous-sized carrycots, easily last up to 6m and possibly longer, I could go on…

Few downsides but here they are…

  1. Now my children way over 30kg between them (almost 3) it’s relatively long frame has become heavy and awkward to steer on cambered pavements;
  2. The Maxi-cosi car seat adapters were cumbersome to use, and need to be removed when folding which is a pain.
    Sophette March 2014
 Loads of space so babies aren’t crammed on top of each other like in the Icandy. Seats turn to face forward or back so they can look at each other, the parent or the world. Hoods are really big and flip forward or back so double as a great sun shade. Basket under pram is huge – big enough for me to stuff all my grocery shopping into. Seat adapters allow car seats to be attached, cots for under 6mths and normal seats. If you’re only taking one baby out then you can remove one seat with a simple click. It easily fits in the boot – remove the seats by pressing the button on the sides then fold the frame in half by pulling the handle. Quick and easy. The wheels are big with study tyres so can be used on rough ground, muddy parks etc. I would choose this pram again if I ever needed another. In my opinion, nothing else comes close.  Aurelia March 2014

 Excellent double buggy that is easy to move around shops and small footpaths. Lots of options for setting up facing each other, both forward, both backward etc. Really pleased with it! Vicki March 2014

 This is a fab buggy, so easy to steer even with 12kg twins. Massive shopping basket, and best if all one isn’t under the other. The one closest to you is higher up, so they can both see out. Victoriapascoe February 2014

 We bought the baby jogger city select after much shopping around for a twin pram. The biggest selling points were, the size of the pram when in car boot (fits in fiat punto) and we especially liked the fact that the twins could face each other. Been used since birth with carry cots (twins now 15 months) no complaints at all. We would definitely recommend this pram. Max January 2013

 Love this buggy. Great travel system which is easy to use & folds suprisingly flat. My twins are now 11 months old & like both seats facing forward as they can see what’s going on. I love the ability to move the seats around & the fabric & fittings are well made & wear well. Tyres are solid so no need for pumps and no annoying punctures! TeamG October 2012

 This is a fabulous pushchair for your new babies. The convenience of putting your carseats onto the pushchair is great. It’s really nice to have the carrycots, these were great for walks plus for daytime naps inside the house. We got lots of comments from passers by about our pushchair. I had a buggy board on it too which was great. However once the girls reached about 8months and in the pushchair seats it became really hard to steer, the front pulls towards any camber in the pavement surface, often pulling you into the road. I sold this pushchair on when the girls were about 10momths. I have two other toddler children so often needed to push this one handed, which became an impossibility. As a twin parent I would buy this again but would be open minded to the fact your needs change as your children grow so you may need to buy more than one pushchair. ClaireHarris August 2012

 Good points: You can attach car seats to it so fab if nipping to the supermarket etc and they fall asleep in the car. You can have the seats any combination of direction – great for them at different stages and also nice to be able to have some 1:1 time with one whilst the other can see where they’re going. Basket is absolutely massive – so can fit a ton of shopping in and all their junk. Also has zips so you can get in it when the seats are in any position. Seats taller than iCandy so can fit them in it for longer. Adjustable height handle; non-puncture wheels; folds up pretty small and easily; really big hoods. Good for getting round narrow shop isles. Bad points: Hard work to steer and get up curbs when they’re bigger than a side-by-side, but you get used to it. Rain covers don’t fasten on (only with elastic) so if its really windy, can blow off. Ali July 2012

 This pushchair is awesome! I have used mine every day for over a year now and it’s been simply brilliant. It is so easy to use and flexible and my babies, now 1, just love facing each other, which few other pushchairs do. It fits pretty much everywhere, is very manouverable, turns on a sixpence like a London taxi and folds really easily. It can be made very compact when necessary, although for speed you can fold it only partially, i.e. leaving the wheels, adaptors and one seat attached. It is typically American – rugged, fit for purpose and well built. I have taken it apart to wash and it came up like new afterwards. When I lost a part of the suspension, a new one was mailed to me within 24 hours – in fact I can’t fault the customer service of Baby Jogger, though you’re unlikely to need them much! One or two words of caution – it’s not called the City Select for nothing, and is not very good off road, in sand or gravelly surfaces. Secondly, the car seat adaptors are a bit cumbersome, but so are most of them. Third, it tends to run away a bit on steep hills so I have added a safety strap so I can lean back, which makes it much safer and easier, if you’re likely to do a lot of them like I do. Above all, it is really comfortable and my babies have always been very happy to ride in it. I am thrilled with this purchase, and would choose it every time – with twins or two small children of different ages. Sophette July 2012

 This is expensive, there is no denying it, but it will hold it’s value and I have seen on ebay that they go for not far off the retail price. To be honest most double buggies are pretty pricey anyway. Aside form that, this buggy is FANTASTIC. Everything has been thought about from a mum of twins. The basket has a zip on the side for easy access, the carrycots are very simple to take off and on, the brake is simple and accessible, the handle is height adjustable, the wheels are smooth and the buggy is easy to control. The buggy folds quickly and easily and is very compact for a double buggy. To attach the car seats you have to put on the adaptors, but that is easy as they are labelled left and right. The buggy is narrow to fit into narrow hallways, but not too narrow that the seats feel small. A must buy for parents of twins. Doublemummy July 2012


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