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Clevamama large non-slip bath mat

Extra large non-slip bath mat for twins

Clevamama Large Bath Mat

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Extra large non-slip bath mat for twins
Extra large non-slip bath mat for twins
 We have this and it’s great and good price too. I’d give it 5 out of 5 it’s a great size. Kneeling cushion is a godsend when doing 2 hair washes. Facebook comment June 2014

 Soft long mat but after using for just a few weeks it started to go mouldy and if you scrub to get the mould off it flakes apart which is dangerous for baby – used for around 2 months and then went in the bin DO NOT BUY!! DancingdivA June 2014

When I first bought this mat I was really pleased with the length and the soft spongy texture. It had lots of suction pads and stuck well to the bath. It also came with a bonus kneeling mat, what was brilliant when having to kneel over and wash my two girls. But after just a few weeks it began to go mouldy, at first I managed to keep on top of it by scrubbing it, but it soon became so mouldy that bits would come off it and fill the bath with mould, no matter how much I scrubbed it after each bath. I even put it in the washing machine but it did nothing. After less than 3 months I threw it in the bin as it was just too disgusting and I didn’t want either of my girls near it. On the upside I am still using the kneeling mat what is in great condition. Sim February 2013.


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