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Double Trouble: Twins and How to Survive Them by Emma Mahony

Double Trouble Twins and How to Survive Them by Emma Mahony
Double Trouble Twins and How to Survive Them by Emma Mahony
Double Trouble Twins and How to Survive Them by Emma Mahony

Double Trouble by Emma Mahony

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 Overall I found that this book was written in a ‘dumbed down’ way and was quite negative and patronising in places. This coloured my overall experience of the book right from the start. I gave it a chance despite the negative title – ‘trouble’, ‘surviving them’ wasn’t what I wanted to hear in my twin (first time) pregnancy and that negative tone I felt continued within, particularly at the beginning of the book. I don’t think it was deliberate, just an attempt at being funny which clashed with my sense of humour in my hormonal and vulnerable state. Here is an example quote which I found negative and patronising in one “So, scans may look like a precise science, but they aren’t. Sexes are wrongly reported, anomolies not picked up, and suggested birth weights are often wildly inaccurate. All this human error is further confused by giving you probability equations to do in your hear, when everyone knows that pregnant women can’t do maths.” Nice. Lots of good content if you can grit your teeth over the way it is written. For example found the section on buggies helpful in my choice over whether to buy side by side or not. The “real life” stories were pretty good. However lots of the advice is common sense and some is non exisitent. For example want to know some real advice on when to go on maternity leave or how to manage work throughout the pregnancy? The brief 3 paragraphs on this instead told me my pregancy will be an equivalent of dressing up in a clown outfit, I wouldn’t be taken seriously at work and would have to deal with tedious questions and tactless colleagues all pregnancy. My recommendation would be borrow from the library, or a friend for some of the good tit bits and real life stories but don’t waste your money on it if you are looking for some serious and genuine advice and to be told how wonderful having twins will be – there must be better books. pinkandblue July 2012

 I bought several books when I found I was pregnant with twins. This was my favourite. Emma Mahony seems to provide good advice in a down-to-earth way. I referred back to this book several times as my twins went through their first year or so. I would recommend this book to other parents of twins. Chellen2009 June 2012


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