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Ez2 Nurse Twins Breast Feeding Pillow

Ez2 Nurse Feeding Pillow Reviews

Ez2 Nurse Breast Feeding Twin Pillow I cannot rate this product highly enough — of all of things we bought for our babies — apart from our amazing buggy, this unquestionably comes top of the list. My husband and I both use it to feed the twins, if we’re doing a feed by ourselves. To be honest, I’m not sure how I would have coped without it! You can breast or bottle feed in tandem, but equally, it works for just one baby. I’m not sure if I had a single child, I’d want to use anything else. Because the foam is fairly rigid, the EZ2 Nurse is more like a shelf than a pillow. It feels really secure and, even at 6 months, both babies still fit on it comfortably. I have never used the back support, but I do use the belt attachment. It is, without question, the most useful item I have purchased. I bought mine fairly cheaply off Ebay as I figured, if I didn’t get on with it, it wouldn’t be a huge waste of money. If I’d have known beforehand just how invaluable it would prove to be I would have happily purchased it from new. They don’t look particularly attractive — mine has a fairly lurid cover, with a colourful cat print fabric — but looks aside, it works! This product enabled me to breastfeed, then bottlefeed, my twins with relative ease and I would highly recommend it to any new mother of twins; it’s a must have item. TwinklesMomma September 2013

 Without this pillow I would have seriously struggled to tandem feed my twins And this was the key to breastfeeding for over a year for me Excellent product. Kathryn June 2013

 Depends which model you’re looking at, the inflatable one is useful if you have to travel with it and want to be able to pack it away. The pump isn’t great though and it is better to use an electric one. Like all inflatable things they are prone to punctures and actually come with a repair kit. The foam version is comfortable and some of the covers have little side pockets for your mobile or remote ;)Good strong U shape much better for twins than little V cushions. Anna Twinclub June 2013

 I found this product an absolute god send when breast-feeding my twins together. It positions the babies in a way that u can actually feed them without holding them. Hands free! Great for when u need to eat/drink/scratch an itch/change the channel. I used the inflatable version so it was easy to take to my mums etc and didn’t take up the whole car (along with all the other twin paraphernalia). I liked it so much that my local breastfeeding project (I’m a peer supporter) bought 6 and we lend them out to newborn twin mums for a few weeks to see if they like it. Kathryn August 2012

 I hated this! Its like a big ugly tray thing that you strap on your (probably quite tender) belly. It went straight onto eBay…Maisie August 2012

 The EZ2 nurse foam feeding cushion allows tandem feeding of twins with babies well supported at the right height and angle for comfortable, tummy to tummy feeding. The cushion is slightly angled to support the babies in a way which means you don’t have to hold the babies all of the time, so you can use your hands to get each baby into position without the risk of the other rolling off. If you flip the cushion over, the other side is flat making it suitable for bottle feeding also. The cushion comes with a removable, washable cover. I found this cushion to be invaluable and would HIGHLY recommend it to other mums of twins. Barbara July 2012


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