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Hauck Roadster Duo Buggy

Hauck Roadster Duo Twin
Hauck Roadster Duo Twin

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Hauck Roadster Duo £386.98
 This is a great buggy, it is very easy to push and steer. It copes with being on grass/mud as well as pavements. There is plenty of room for my twins so I can see them being able to fit in this buggy until they are 3/4 years old. Only downside is that it is too wide for standard doors so it will not fit through the doors at my house but is ok when shopping. Dawn April 2013

 Great double pushchair, easy to push & fold down. Kids look comfortable, covers come off to wash, shopping baskets a bit small but bought a couple of buggy clips to hang shopping bags on, so overall really happy with it :). Tinkerbelle August 2012


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