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LCP Kids Large 12 sided Baby playpen

LCP Kids Large 12 Sided Baby Playpen

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lcp kids corral baby playpen xxl size“We had one of these. Really good and well used.”

“I bought that exact one over a year ago don’t use it now but it’s brilliant loved it grandparents bought one too”

Facebook comments, Jan 2015. Post by Designed For Twins (reviewed by their parents).

 Great playpen. Used inside in many different forms bit as a playpen when my twins were crawling then as a large ‘fence’ around furniture when they were toddling. Easily moved and used outside too. The floor suckers weren’t great on some floors but fastened securely with cable ties. katiebe October 2014

 I purchased one of these playpens when my twins started crawling – a great buy. Only bad thing about this is my cheeky monkeys learnt how to open gate but nothing a couple of cable ties didn’t fix. Used in the house and garden.  Took it apart for visits to friends houses.  Still use it as a long safety gate to section garden as twins are two. Bright and sturdy, easy to assemble – highly recommend. aj hill June 2014.


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