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Maclaren Twin Triumph

Maclaren Twin Truimph reviews
Maclaren Twin Truimph

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Maclaren Twin Triumph £239.99
This is a light easy to push umbrella buggy, lots of compartments for holding phone keys shopping etc.. Sadly I have had to sell mine due to just one problem with it and that is the lap harness is too short and was far too tight even on the loosest setting for my boys, really gutted as it’s a joy to push, handy for holidays as it has the carry handle on the side. If Maclaren could sort out their harness then this would get full marks x mummy2five July 2012

 I bought this as a second buggy when my twin boys were 4 months old. As soon as I got it I disliked it. It was supposed to be my lightweight buggy for keeping in the car and I used it a total of 4-5 times in the 5 months before I sold it. I dreaded using it as my boys looked squashed and uncomfortable even at only a few months old. It was fiddly to set up and fold down and quite bulky when folded. The baskets were inaccessible when my babies were laid down and the seats does not lay flat. I found it heavy and awkward to push. I could not wait to sell it! It was a big waste of money and I wish I had been able to try it out before I bought it. I definitely would not recommend this to parents of twins… There are much better buggies and pushchairs out there. Bumpadaisy July 2012

 Due to easy fold we keep this buggy in the car. While light, easy to fold and unfold, easy fit raincover, our twins don’t find it very comfortable and don’t like staying in it for longer than an hour (though my shopping might take a bit longer than that). They love their Bebe Confort twin buggy much better, can stay in it for hours without complaining. So if you’re looking for something light, easy to use but won’t get much of use then Maclaren would be ok, however for that little use it’s not worth buying a new one. Twinmum July 2012

 We have this as a spare pushchair as we also own the iCandy peach blossom twin, and I must say its great. For people with limited space in house/car this is ideal as it folds easily and small. The rain cover is so easy compared to individual units, it takes seconds to put on, and the shopping basket seems to hold rather a lot. The seats go down to almost flat, and are very easily adjustable to range the seat recline. To be honest I don’t think I would have brought this as my only pushchair for newborns, but from 6 months on its ideal and as a spare you cannot go wrong. We took it all the way to Disneyland Paris on the Eurostar with ease, and fully plan to use this soon when the twins outgrow the iCandy. Leaseylou July 2012


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