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Mikado Duet Twin Pram

Mikado duet twin pram
Mikado duet twin pram

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Mikado Duet Twin Pram was £499 now £299! Reviews by parents of twins 
 I bought this pram as I wanted a double so I could have my toddler and newborn side by side and facing me. It is honestly an awesome pram. Easy to set up and put away, easy to steer, and so easy to push that even with the basket loaded and both kids in it still virtually rolls by itself. The seats are big and comfy and fit both the 5m old and 3yr old with ease. Even the raincover is so easy to put on. An excellent pram all round. Chaika August 2014

 I love this pram! We had already bought a front facing side by side pushchair, but my twin boys were premature & looked a bit ‘lost’ in it, so I got this pram so they could be snug in the carry cots, and its fab as you lift the carry cots out, great for if the babies are still sleeping. As they get older you then remove the carry cots & use the snug foot muffs. I love the fact that my boys are facing me, and the big hood on it means I can pull it over and they nod off easily without nosey people peeking in! For its size people assume it will be heavy & hard to manoeuvere but it’s so easy to handle. I love that you can alter the height of the handle too. It is a bit bulky to fit into the car, but most twin parents have already made sure they have a big enough family car, so shouldn’t be a problem! It was really money well spent and I use my pram every day! Emma April 2013

 We bought the Mikado duet in Mocca colours for our newborn twins. It didn’ t just look really great, it is exactly what it promised on the website – it is easy to steer and manoeuver, has great all terrain tyres that made it easy to walk through the snow and the carry cots were a lifesaver as the babies were mainly asleep and easily put in and out of the pram. Also, once the twins were able to sit up they could interact and see each other. And as soon as they were interested in their surroundings, it was super easy to change the position from parent facing to outward facing. Definitely recommend it to anyone! Our twins are now a year old and still love it, it fits through every door and we get a lot of oohs and aaahs when we are out and about as everyone loves the pram’s posh looks. Bumblebee117 February 2013


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