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One 4 All Large Playpen

One 4 all large playpen
One 4 all large twin playpen 1+7
One 4 all large playpen

One 4 All Large Playpen £149

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I got this as it was large and I like wooden products. Once my boys started cruising and walking they soon destroyed this. The door broke but my oh fixed it. However my twin who is just one kept pushing it until he actually snapped two sections. Not a good product with boy twins 🙁 Hrv August 2012

We bought this playpen because it was large and versatile, it can be used with fewer sides and then add sides as they get bigger. However, it is flimsy compared to a metal one – the door broke very quickly and I had to step over the side. This wasn’t a huge problem until I misjudged it, caught the side of the play pen with my foot and fell over with both babies whilst the whole playpen collapsed. It got chopped up into firewood after this and replaced with a much sturdier metal one (which you could join to another one if you wanted it bigger) Hannah July 2012

A fantastic large playpen. So much space for them to roll around and not bump in to each other. It’s made of wood so our door broke after a few months of use but we just stepped over instead. I think it’s the best large twin playpen you can buy. Chellen2009 June 2012


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