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Out n About Double Nipper 360 twin reviews
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Out n About Nipper 360 Double £359. Reviews by parents of twins.
It’s taken us 11 pushchairs and lots of wasted money inbetween to get to the V3 for my twin daughters, some tandem, others side by side.
The Nipper offers something different to the others, that’s air filled tyres and suspension, both important for two growing babies who’re the same age. I found in other prams I was struggling pushing, literally putting my back out, but the nipper allows the steering to glide and that with one hand!! Getting up kerbs has never been easier, no tipping the pushchair back and lifting with your own weight up, the air filled tyres bounce up the kerb. The front swivel wheel allows you to miss glass and other nasty litters on the floor, and navigate with ease. My girls are always comfortable sleeping in their buggy, with the seats that lay back flat, and the giant sun canopy that protects them. Unlike other prams, the twins haven’t been a Houdini and slipped out of their 5 points harness, they have always stayed strapped in and secure. The adjustable handle makes for a comfortable push for people of different heights. We use public transport and never struggle to get on buses, or trains with it, even space for a single sitting besides it. We have a basket, and even find the seat pockets amazing for extra storage, especially when out shopping. I know that the Nipper is our forever pram till the babies vacate their pram and start walking, we love it and recommended to everybody when asked! 
Michaela-Yvette Smith July 2014

 I bought this pram while pregnant with my twins in 2008. They were born in March 2009 and the nipper did a sterling job carrying them everywhere for well over 3.5 years. It’s easy to fold, a dream to push and has so much storage space. I was a nanny for 21 years before I had my twins and I can honestly say that this is the best pram I ever used in all that time. I recently sold my pram and the purchaser couldn’t believe it had had 4 years work. It still looked brand new. Sharrington July 2014

 iCandy was awful, the nipper is brilliant, so easy to steer and excellent price! Jo May 2014

 Great for single handed pushing, really easy to fold and light enough to sling into boot without any fuss. kerrybooker April 2014

 I would recommend it for its excellent manoeuvrability and light weight, and though I haven’t tried other buggies I am assured it is narrower than most, and fits through most doorways. It does, however, take up a lot of space when folded, and is a little awkward to erect & collapse. (I have only been using it 2 weeks, so maybe haven’t quite got the hang if it yet). SteveW March 2014

 Fantastic buggy, easy to manoeuvre. Love the divider between the girls. Wheels remove very quick and easy, if you do happen to get through a particularly narrow door. Dad to #miracletwins September 2013

 After asking other twin mums I decided on this double. It is very narrow for a double and fits through most doors. Its easy to push and steer and is comfortable. Lisa_Miller August 2013

“great buggy, love it used daily with my 2.5yr old boys! Highly recommend.” Facebook comment, July 2013

 Great buggy. Fits in the boot of my Passat saloon. Plenty of flexibility for angle of seats. Good accessories. Only downside is you cannot hang shopping/change bag from handle as it will tip up. But has got storage on shade, back of each seat and under buggy basket. Mumto2Dunns June 2013

 Having spent a lot of time researching and trying out many twin buggies we finally fixed on this one and I can honestly say its fantastic!!! My twins went in from newborn (with newborn inserts) and were snug and comfy in the fantastic footmuffs (I’d get in given a chance!!) my boys are now 9 months and still love it they are non id but still want to be able to see and touch each other and in this buggy they always can. My 3 yr old sits on the front and loves to hitch a ride on the buggy especially if you are out in a busy town centre. The big hood is huge and keeps then shaded and dry – can’t recommend enough. I brought a Silvercross Pop Duo as a spare for the caravan and hated it! Now for the criticisms – it’s too wide to fit through many doors although it is lots narrower than many doubles I tried and when folded its huge and takes up the majority of my very large boot! It also does not parent face which means you will be stopped by 50% of all people you pass so they can have a nose at the twins. That being said I still think its fantastic. Its light, pushes very easily and can turn on a sixpence and I honestly think its one of the best on the market!!!  Mommy of 1+2 June 2013

 I have had this buggy from when my twins were about 6 months. It is advertised as suitable from birth but I felt that the twins would have been too far away from me in this buggy so used a double pram for the first 6 months. They are 1 1/2 now and the chairs still have plenty of room. I have older children and we bought a buggy buddy to hang all the extra bags on with. The advantages of this buggy are that it’s lovely to push, the big pneumatic wheels make it so easy and does the hard work for you. I suffer with back pain and have found in the past that some pushchairs are not easy to push for long. It’s quite narrow for a double so I don’t feel like I’m taking up so much room and it fits through most doors. The seats recline separately and easily to a fully flat position. The hood cover has a window at the top so you can see down to babies faces. It folds down really flat and fits in my boot with room to spare. It’s light to carry. There’s a ledge at the front which also works as a seat for slightly older children. The disadvantages are also the wheels. I had to have the whole rear suspension replaced and I’ve read that it’s a common occurrence. I’ve also had to replace the inner tubes on the tyres and I’ve had a flat at the most inconvenient times, the first time when we were ready to go to the zoo and had to get back in the car and go home! Having said that I do love my buggy and would recommend it, as long as you buy spare inner tubes and the extra storage basket to go underneath. Ali April 2013

 It is very light and easy to manoeuvre. Could even steer it one handed whilst drinking a much needed coffee. I used it from birth and guess the kids found it comfy as they slept in it a lot. Stephstafford December 2012

 This was the second buggy I bought, I wish it had been the first. It’s just fantastic. The seats flatten to be beds for when babies are small or want to snooze, really easy to lower with a strap on each side. It is really light to push even with two babies and can be pushed using one hand. The hood is a great protector from wind and sunshine and seems more cosy for them to be under. The raincover is well designed so you can still get into bags and the baskets underneath easily. Just brilliant. I got mine on EBay and it is great! TTTSsurvivors October 2012

 This buggy is great, we have been using a 2nd hand one for 2 and a half years and it’s still going strong! Our eldest has sat on the front since our twins were born- I’d say it works well if you already have a child. It is so light and easy to manoeuvre, would highly recommend! lovemyfamily August 2012

 Brilliant double buggy!! We have tried several other double buggies (Phil & Teds and a Graco) and this is the best by FAR! It is extremely easy to push/manouever, lightweight and comfy for the twins. I like how it reclines to any degree, as opposed to others which have set reclined positions. The cosy toes are super plush! Have used it for about 2 years now and after trying other buggies, including a friends Jane tandem, we are pleased with our purchase of the Nipper. Yes, it is bulky when stored flat, but this is to be expected with any double buggy I would say. Have only had a couple punctures and tires/inner tubes are easily sourced from any bike shop. We have taken this buggy on international flights, trains etc. and it has served us very well. The main consideration is if you are going to be a ‘city’ twin parent who does lots of shopping, then a side by side buggy will probably not be what you want, as it is naturally wider than a tandem, but if you are more ‘outdoorsy’ and enjoy walks/runs etc, then this is def. the buggy for you. HillingdonTwinsMum August 2012

 Love, love, love this pushchair. Light and so easy to maneuver. Have used it since the Beans came home, they’re now 13 months and it’s still got so much life left in it. Really like that the seat positions aren’t fixed and can be moved along the strap as needed. Excellent for running with and also for strolling along with a coffee in one hand chatting with fellow twin mummies! Goes through most doorways but can be a bit of a squeeze or a not at all for some of the older, narrow shop doorways, but I figure I don’t need my little arm swingers going into those sorts of shops anyway. BeansMummy August 2012

 We love this pram, it was a friend who recommended it to us and we so wish we had bought it from the start, it is so easy to push, fold up and put in my car. My elderly mother can push it easily, I can push it with one arm and hold my older daughter, she can also sit on the front plate when tired, my twins are 2.5yrs old and aren’t light,I have pushed the brand new one and that’s fantastic, we get lots of compliments on our pram and we always recommend it, I will be very sad the day we stop using it, on the plus side we have had 2 offers to buy it!! Definitely worth every penny. Katie July 2012

Love it Love it Love it. Full marks. Joy to push, very comfy for newborn up to 3 years. Could do with being a bit more upright although newer versions with the bumper bar probally help with this. Individual hoods maybe for future versions would be an idea. Bit cumbersome for getting in and out of the car but most doubles are. The good points of this fabulous pushchair far outweigh the annoyance of getting it in and out of car. mummy2five July 2012

 I love this pram! It fits in the boot of the car (we have a Mazda 3) and is so lightweight I can push it for miles. We did buy the sun cover as you need it but that and the rain cover are really well designed and easy to store and fit. allyvallance July 2012

 Ok, here are the good and the bad: Good – really lightweight, really easy to push and great if you need to do a lot of miles to keep the kids asleep (like I did). Also, it has a great sun visor at the front. Bad – the tyres kept de-flating so always keep a spare back and front in the shopping basket underneath with a bike pump or that green stuff that you squirt into it to seal it before inflating. Next, the seats don’t sit up properly. The max angle they sit at is about 65 degrees so my kids get really frustrated at not being able to see out properly. Top tip – buy some cheap cushions and put them in the netted area at the back. Also, just make sure that it fits inside your boot OK before you buy it as mine is a fairly tight squeeze! Rutho July 2012

 I love this buggy! Lightweight and fits through normal width doors, it has been brilliant for my twins since birth – no need for a more expensive model with carry cots as the seats lay completely flat. Great storage space and will turn a 360 with only one hand! Great buy! Tiredmummyof3 July 2012

 This buggy fits through all doors. Is light at a feather and great for lifting over logs in the wood! A bit sweaty for the kids on a warm day Overall really great. Storage is ample. Make sure not to leave your change bag over the handle once you remove the babies as it can topple! Sandilj July 2012

 Good double buggy, need sunshade, shopping tray and raincover as well as extras. Seats are a little narrow but it lasted us fine until they were 4! Folds well once you get the hang of it and goes in the back of even a hatchback with the parcel shelf removed. Only problem some people have is that the children can sit forward and the seats will pull forward with them, but we never had a problem with this. Overall we were very happy with this lightweight buggy that still had good suspension and did well on roads or beach/rougher terrain. Collyermum July 2012

 This is my favourite double pushchair… 9/10 twin mums at my local twin playgroup have one at some point. I used it from birth with my now 21 month old twin boys and it has been a workhorse. The were cosy laid flat directly in the seats from birth with blankets over them. The only issue I had were that the safety straps were too long but they were still secure. The hood could be better if it were not one single good covering boths seats but it works well. The seats are comfy and although some reviews say older children don’t like the bucket seats, it has never been an issue for us. The footplate has provided a ‘ride’ for my toddler niece many a time although this is not recommended! The storage on the pushchair is cavernous if you buy the additional storage basket which I did. The raincover provides good secure cover and my newborns were well protected on long snowy walks. The pushchair is an absolute dream to push… It is by far THE easiest pushchair I have ever pushed and I’ve had a lot with five kids. It glides through heavy snow, sand, mud and over rough ground. The suspension is really bouncy and the air tyres wonderful. I filled mine with tyre slime on purchase and have never had issues with punctures. The only problem I have had it its bulk in the boot of the car. That is the only reason I have a second pushchair which folds smaller when I need it. With the wheels off the nipper does fold quite flat but the footplate still sticks out so when I have all 7 seats up in my car I have to strategically position it so the footplate is positioned in between the two rear seats or I can’t close the boot. The boys love the pushchair and they have plenty of room in the big comfy seats. I have even had a 4 year old sat in the pushchair comfortably. Don’t be put off by the width measurements either… Those measurements are at the widest point of the puschair which is the wheels. With a wheel popped off the rear I have squeezed this puschair through doors other doubles that are supposed to be narrower can’t go through! It gets through doors (minus one rear wheel) that my bjcm double can’t access easily. I rave about this puschair regularly and recommend it highly to everyone with twins. Bumpadaisy July 2012

 After extensive research of buggies before my twins were born I discovered that most twin mums either had one of these or wished they had one. And I’m so pleased with it, it is brilliant. It fits through disabled access doorways easily and is quite compact for this type of pushchair. The wheels pop on and off really easily for storage and access purposes. It is quite big when folded but that comes with the territory I’m afraid – it is smaller and lighter than most. The sun canopy is huge and covers brilliantly. The seats are good for newborns as they can lie flat and have a soft insert so they aren’t flopping around when out and about. As with most, my twins were premature and they were fine in it. Although the babies face forward, when they are laid down there is a spy window and mesh at the back so that you can see them when you are pushing. The handle also adjusts which is a bonus as I am short and my husband is tall. This also enables my three year old to have a go at pushing! The plastic area over the front wheel is where she sits if she gets tired of walking, so I don’t even need a buggy board (and associated bad back from leaning over to push) with this pushchair. I would totally recommend this pushchair. Buy one now!! DJ July 2012

 We chose the second version of the Out’n’About Nipper 360 buggy as we live in a rural area, so it needed to be robust enough to handle country lanes, woodland tracks, and fields as well as paved roads in town. It has been an excellent choice and we highly recommend it. The buggy folds down to a compact size for a double buggy and is easily light enough to be loaded into the back of our Volvo V70, although it wouldn’t fit in our Toyota hatchback without folding seats. The maneuverability of the buggy is excellent it can turn 360 degrees within its own footprint which is great for narrow aisles in shops, it can be controlled one handed and the handle can be adjusted sufficiently highly for me 6’3″ to use the buggy comfortably. The children are very comfortable in the buggy, which has spring suspension (great for rocking them to sleep) and a hood that comes far enough forward to block most of the direct sunlight/unwanted admirers. With our babies in the newborn position we have found direct sunlight can fall on them through the mesh at the back, but we’ve got around that by draping a Muslin over the back. The only other issue we encountered was putting a heavy twin changing bag on the bag tipped the buggy once, but we since strapped the bag to the front using a buggy clip on the buggy bar and that balances everything nicely. No punctures so far, but we got a bottle of gel when we bought the buggy in case and I understand the buggy still works well even with a flat tire – so you can get home. We got the additional rain cover and bought a sun UV shade which both work very well, and can be stored in pouches below the seats when not in use, even when folded. The storage compartment isn’t the easiest to access, but has good secure storage and also remains in place when folded. Overall excellent buggy for our needs, and unlike the city Urban select which was the only other buggy on our shortlist my wife can maneuver it up curbs and it was much cheaper as it didn’t require the bassinets. SMWensley July 2012

 I love this pram. It is so easy to push, even one handed so I can even enjoy a take-away coffee! It is quite bulky when it is folded but we have a huge boot in our car so that hasn’t been a problem. The nipper was recommended to me by another twin mum who’d had hers for about 4 years. we bought the shopping basket but don’t really use it that much as the pockets at the back of each seat are very roomy. Very happy with the nipper :0) Willow July 2012

We really like this buggy. We live in the countryside and it is great for walking down country paths and farm tracks. We have had a few punctures but as we are keen cyclists this isn’t a problem for us. The buggy is really easy to steer – you can do it with one finger! It’s a bit tricky to carry when collapsed but you do get used to it. The only really problem we had was the fact that it didn’t fit through our front door or back gate so if the twins were asleep after a walk I had to leave them outside or wake them up. Our twins are now three. They have used the buggy since birth and we still occasionally use it. Overall I would definitely recommend this twin buggy to other parents of twins. Chellen2009 June 2012

 I LOVED this pram, really easy to use even with one finger, my mum had a different pram and it was rubbish compared to the 360. loads of space underneath as you will have two of everything to carry. It is a bit tricky to get it in and out of the car But so worth it. buy it and you’ll love it too. Kendall July 2012


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