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Pacapod large changing bag

PacaPod Baby Changing Bag
PacaPod Baby Changing Bag
PacaPod Baby Changing Bag

PacaPod Changing Bag Reviews

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 After intense research on change bags, including asking lots of twin mums, I found the PacaPod to be the ideal option. It is the ideal size as it is larger than traditional change bags, but smaller than the Skiphop duo which I found too big. It stands on its own which is useful when you don’t have a third hand. It comes in many stylish designs – I picked black as I knew my husband would carry it as much as I would, and it looks great. It very good value for money. Mine has lasted 15 months of intense use and is still as good as new. The internal pods are ideal to check what you’re missing and to just take out what you need. Also to avoid mixing feeding and changing. The change pod has a handy change mat, laundry mini bag, and lots of pockets for nappy cream and nappy bags. The feeding pod is insulated and has inner pockets for spoons. Plenty of space for bottles, milk powder, bibs, and later for purees. THe middle compartment is great for muslins, change of clothes, shoes, toys. There is a small zip pocket for hand sanitizer, tissues, calpol, keys, dummies. And the outer pocket for my wallet and phone, saving me from having to carry my own handbag. I really recommend. Adri Dh September 2012


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