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Skip Hop Duo Large Changing Bag

Skip Hop Double Duo Twin Deluxe Changing BagSkip hop duo double changing bag reviews by parents of twins

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 I wouldn’t have been able to cope without this bag. It holds a lot of nappy changing stuff, insulated storage for 6 bottles, plus plenty of room for clothes, purse etc. It also has various pockets, so things are easy to find. It hung easily on the back of my double Maclaren and then later on my Phil and Ted buggy. It is very light weight and I could carry it myself on my shoulder without a problem. A lovely product which was worth the money. Tracy October 2013

 Just brilliant, so many pockets and space for everything. Couldn’t go anywhere without it. Only downside is it’s not the prettiest bag out there. Very practical not very trendy. Katie October 2013

 I went out with two bags (a backpack -with bottles and “bottlegear”- and a regular changing bag -with clothes, diapers and toys) until I found this wonderful big bag. Parents of twins, really, YOU NEED IT. GeraldinaGV June 2013

 This was a brilliant changing bag for twins. It fitted easily on my side by side twin pram and has an adjustable strap so would probably fit on any pram. Although large I often used to carry it on my shoulder too. Lots of pockets so everything is easily found, room for two bottles, one at each side. Black so neat and goes with everything. Handy pockets at front for keys etc. Loads of room for purse etc. too. Carulli August 2012

 Brilliant, my twin will be 5 years next week and I used it up until they were completely potty trained and it still looked great after 3 years of continued use!!! It was great as it held everything we needed and more, which is what you need with twins!!! It was out of this world for both everyday usage and travelling as I was able to hold 4 change of clothes, 4 bottles, 4 muslins, 4 bibs, 8 nappies, their cream and wipes etc. It has 5 practical pockets on the inside to hold everything you need and a handle that could fit easily around my double pushchair handle. BigA August 2012

 I brought this [twin changing bag] when my twins were born and despite initially being gobsmacked at the price of changing bags Im am so glad I brought this! It is huge and will hold a complete day out worth of bottles, formula, all the additional medication my two needed, nappies, wipes, muslins, two changes of clothes, everything that used to be in a handbag for me and still have plenty of room! There are some useful compartments including one which is waterproof and zips up to hold any spoiled clothes, the big handle strap is also lengthy enough to stretch over the back of a double side by side buggy. I have watched many of my twin mummy friends go through numerous bags often designed for singletons and am amazed at how long it has taken for them to buy this bag, even some of my singleton mummy friends have now brought it! Well worth every penny and ‘manly’ enough for the most conscious of dads not to worry about taking it out with the kids as there isnt a butterfly, flower, or pretty bead in sight! KatPatrick July 2012

 I love this changing bag, we got it when our twins were six months old as our first one couldn’t cope with packing double the stuff! We will never need another bag, this one has everything we need, plenty of pockets, space, cooler pockets, drawstring pockets etc there is always extra space left over. I love this bag!!  BethTwinMummy July 2012

Lots of room and strong enough to hold everything you need for twins. I struggled with a bag designed for singleton babies for the first year. Then I bought this one and never looked back. I would recommend this to other parents of twins. Chellon2009 29 June 2012


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