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SnoozeShade Double Buggy Blind

SnoozeShade Twin Breathable Blackout Buggy Blind (UPF50+) fits all side-by-side buggies
Double Snoozeshade
Double Snoozeshade

SnoozeShade Double Buggy Blind 

 I have the Baby Jogger City Mini and found that the Snoozeshade Twin fitted really well. Due to the large hoods on the pushchair I don’t think that the Snoozeshade Twin would be used to shade the sun but it’s great for when my twins are sleeping. We’re often out at nap time and so they’re used to sleeping in the pushchair, but often don’t sleep very well (they’re 21 months). Using the Snoozeshade I’ve found that my daughter generally falls asleep quicker than usual, but the best bit is they seem to have a deeper sleep. The other day a police car went past with sirens blazing, normally this would be the end of nap time but they both slept on peacefully! I’m very impressed with the quality of the product, it fits into a small bag that easily goes into the basket under the pushchair for when needed, it’s very quick to attach to the pushchair and easy to remove too, I’ve also managed to release half of it meaning that one twin can sleep undisturbed when the other wakes up. I’m really pleased with it and wish that I’d got it ages ago!! BB September 2012

 There are only a couple of products on the market for this purpose. When we received this one we found it to be too thick for use when it was hot so we took a pair of scissors and re designed it so that it was only covering the top half of the opening of the pram, allowing air to pass underneath. It now does the job that we wanted it to without cooking the twins! Lext July 2012

 I bought this for our 360 out and about buggy. It does fit, although took some working out how to attach. Definately blocks out the sunshine; and good for sleeping too. can use at ‘halfmast’ to stop sun coming in without blackout. The only downside is that its quite thick, so it gets hot in the buggy unless there is a strong wind blowing. Therefore, suggest you underdress your babies if using in sunny weather! Kirstyaber July 2012


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