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Taf Toys Touch Large Play Mat

Taf Toys Large Playmat

Taf Toys Touch Large Play MatTaf Toys Touch Large Play Mat

 This is an excellent twin playmat, fab bright colours when babies are small and lots of different textures for babies to play with. My twins loved the hanging items with the bells and the crinkly fabric. Multitastic November 2013

 My twin girls love this. It gives them a lot of space to play on, it washes well & is really colourful with different textures for them to find. Great buy. hat August 2012

 My twins love this playmat, even now they are nearly 3 years old. Very bright and entertaining, and good size for 2 children. Great quality item, have been machine-washed several times and is still in lovely condition. I would by again. Sab August 2012

 This is great! Really big, so you can fit two or more children on it easily! It is padded too. Polly July 2012


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Buy now from Amazon


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