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Baby Jogger City Classic Double

Baby Jogger City Classic Double Twin Buggy
Baby Jogger City Classic Double
Baby Jogger City Classic (discontinued)

 This side by side pushchair has bigger wheels then the city mini making pushing much easier that you dont feel the weight of 2 heavy toddlers. I purchased the bumper bar as an extra and im glad I did. The hoods are superb and offer so much protection from sun, wind and even rain. I barely use the raincover because the hoods cover them so well. No need for a snooze a shade either because the hoods are great for that too. Seats fully recline so suitable for newborn too. By far one of the best side by sides on the market x mummy2five July 2012

 This was my 2nd pram after the twin twister I was given gave up after a year ( had done 3 years with previous owners) I bought the city classic 2nd hand for 150 in mint condition. It has been brilliant. It is not as light as the twin twister but it’s sturdy and very easy to collapse and put back up. It’s been across the sand easily thru mud at festivals and survives the school run with a toddler riding on the step. I personally prefer 4 wheels for stability. Had 3 wheelers with single baby that tipped too easily. I would wholeheartedly recommend this one. Dawnk August 2012


Please note, the Baby Jogger City Classic has been continued. Click the button below to shop for Baby Jogger City Mini on Amazon.

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