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The Bunkcot Twin Cot 

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 Solid well built but super easy to construct (we put it together in 30 minutes). The quality of the wood is outstanding and one of the most favourite products that we have purchased for our twins. As well as being a space-saver it is also the perfect height for lifting them in and out of in the early days. We have them both sleeping in the top cot since birth and use the lower cot for storage at the moment until they grow too big to share. Bunkcot company is also very helpful when you have any queries or questions.   Claudia January 2013

 We use the convertible bunk cot for our twins. We were lucky enough to get it at a promotional price (they go to all the baby and toddler shows in the UK, worth popping along for the discount) but I would have happily paid full price for it. It is easy to put together, very sturdy and is a nice looking, classic cot. Our twins were both in the top cot for 6months and it is a perfect height if you are post c-section and find bending painful. They now sleep in their own bunk. My little boy has managed to crawl out of the bottom bunk a couple of times, but him sleeping in a grobag helps keep him in! I would recommend this to parents of twins and to those who have children close in age who will be sharing a room. Charlii August 2013

 I purchased this product for my twin boys, Lewis & Ethan. At that time we were renting a small house and space was at a premium. I decided the convertible bunkcot was worth try and kept them both in the top cot together for the first 5 months. I then configured it as twin cots and alternated the boys bi- weekly – top and bottom bed – so that they both had their share in each bed! The bottom cot rail is not that high so they were soon climbing over it in the morning to get out. I replaced the bottom cot rail with the white valance and secured the bedroom door with a stairgate. Now that they had access in and out of the bottom cot via the open access valance the urge they could please themselves. It wont be long before we are changing the cot into two bunks with a ladder and i know they are looking forward to that. All in all i am very pleased with this bunkcot – never having seen anything like it before. We have now had it two years and it is still in very good condition. It is easy to assemble and reconfigure when you need to. One of the real advantges for me is that it is very rigid and sturdy – weighing some 75kg in all. With two boys it needs to be!! I have called the company a couple of times to ask them questions and they have been v helpful and friendly. I’m very glad i took a flyer on this product – it’s been a godsend and i would have no problem recommending it to others. Lucy Wooding December 2012

We have one but twins still in our room so currently use the top bunk as a changing table (perfect height after a csec) and the bottom bunk is storage. The quality is good though and its a beautiful piece of furniture! Facebook comment by Mum of twinsJanuary 2012


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