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Twin Z Pillow

Twin Z Pillow Reviews

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twin z pillow babies feeding themselves This pillow was a life saver in the first few months of having our twins. It enabled me to feed both twins at the same time and gave me more time to spend with them playing or cuddling !As I could feed them together it also got them into a great routine of feeding and napping together allowing some much needed rest time and (the odd cup of coffee).  It’s such a simple design and really easy to use even when they are really little . The only downside is that it’s bulky but when you find something that works so well it is a small insignificant issue. Nat June 2014

 By far the most ‘nurturing’ of the pillows, super soft, very comfy and the strap which can make it smaller for prem babies is a great idea. The back rest is good. The only thing is that it is very bulky and is the biggest of the pillows I have seen. Anna Twinclub June 2013

 It’s simple, without this pillow I would not have been able to tandem feed my twins during the day and my husband (Daddy) wouldn’t have been able to do all the night feeds. It has been one of the best products we brought and the most helpful in terms of day to day life. At 5 months of age, we still use it for night feeds and they love sitting in it chilling out. Worth every penny. Jlmackenzie June 2013

 I got this pillow on recommendation when my twins were 14 weeks. We had the San Diego Bebe before that which was great but I found that as they got older I was somewhat smothering them under my breasts as it sits higher when feeding. They now feed much more comfortably on this one and I have to say the back support is far better both in comfort and in practicality as it is fixed and with the San Diego I would have to fuss around in bed to get the support right or pillows propped up correctly. At the same cost this is better too because it can be used as a seat for the babies so you get more for your money! The only thing that you don’t get with the twin z is a privacy cover but unless you are really bothered then you can use a muslin over each shoulder to cover up a bit. I only used mine on the San Diego a couple of times in the first week or so. Pippa April 2013


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