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Twin Boomereins

Boomerein safety reins for twinsHandsfree Boomereins Safety Reins for Twins – reviews by parents of twins.

 This is an essential bit of kit for any parent of multiple toddlers, I couldn’t be without mine and only wish I’d found it sooner it has given me my freedom back (well as much as you can have with twins!). The Boomerein solves the age old problem of how to get 2 small children plus bag into the car safely and without making 2-3 journeys, I can also do short trips out with out needing to take the buggy! There are so many situations the twin parent encounters that Boomereins make easier and safer. Signing in and leaving play centres is no longer as traumatic as it once was. I could go on but wont bore you all. The retractable cord is long enough that you wont be tripping over them but short enough that they are not beyond your arms reach. Cant say enough about this fab invention. AjandJJtwins February 2012

 I used the boomerein with my two and a half year old twin girls and they were extremely enthusiastic when we first put it on. In fact, they were so enthusiastic we would have reached our destination much faster had I been wearing rollerskates. Walking with them was easy and it was great to have both hands free to carry a bag or open a door without worrying that one or both twins might run off. The length of the rein is just about right but I also liked that I could ‘rein’ them in by pulling on the elastic part of the belt too if they became too interested in something on our journey. I was a little concerned that we might get tangled up and there is a danger of this with any reins when a child decides to go the other side of the lampost. However, the fact that the belts have a clip meant that on the odd occasion this did happen, I could just unclip and reclip. It was much easier than having to take off a wrist strap and re-attach. What also struck me was how comfortable the device was. The belts for both adult and child are adjustable and elasticated so no matter who is pulling who the belt doesn’t cut into you. As the boomerein is round your waist/your core, you don’t get sore wrists or arms. The way that the connectors clipped on meant that getting on and off a bus was very easy. I could unclip the girls so we could sit down on the bus untangled and then clip them back on when we left without having to take anything off. In fact, being able to leave the belts on everyone was a real bonus; the belts don’t hinder them from playing. I was also impressed with how strong the device is. My girls really put it through its paces, pulling and tugging me along the road. Only once has the retractable element stopped working but we unscrewed the container slightly which released the snag and now it is still going strong. Really, the handsfree element of this product is so liberating as you know your child(ren) are completely safe but you can still carry your shopping. Manicmumof3 September 2012


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