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Bumbleride Indie Twin Buggy

Bumbleride Indie Twin Reviews
Bumbleride Indie Twin

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Bumbleride Indie Twin Reviews £602.99
 This stroller is smooth, well built and stylish. I did a TON of research and this was the best. Some don’t have adjustable foot rests, independent hoods, fully adjustable seats….. The list goes on. This one has it all and wonderful colours to boot. Could go on and on why its wonderful. Love it. Candy July 2014

 After much research and testing in shops we were all set to but the city mini, but then came across this buggy at the baby show. We took the plunge and got it and have not looked back since. It is brilliant. It lies flat and each seat has it’s own foot rest that moves up and down. The hoods are independent of each other and go a long way forward, we have never needed those sun blockers you see on some buggies. It is extremely easy to fold and although at first we though it was quiet heavy, it is no more heavy than most twin buggies, we have quickly got used to it. The manoeuvrability is excellent, we have taken it on & off road so to speak. It comes with a rain cover and we got two foot muffs as well. The pushing handle moves up and down which is extremely useful for when different people push it. This buggy is now available in the UK and although it is a bit more expensive than some it is well worth it as it can and will be used for many years. letchworthspur November 2013

 I spent the whole twin pregnancy searching for the perfect pram. I wanted one with big wheels, could push with one hand (holding another child’s hand) had a large storage basket, raincover and wheel pump included with the pram.!!! Easy I thought… Not in this country, all the extras I needed would be an added cost and the pram were way too expensive. My searches took me to America, and their best reviews were from a pram called bumble ride, I watched all the videos on how it worked and moved and found out it was designed by someone who has twins. It came with all the added extras. It would costs me half the price of the ones over here and that was included getting it shipped! It arrived within 2 weeks and I was blown away by its design. Two years on and I am using it more than ever, we have been in snow, rain, up and down hills, mud… You name it our pram has been there. I am so pleased with it and is such a fantastic pram to push, even at 2 years old the pram is easy to push. I would give this pram 100/100. Don’t be put off by ordering abroad it was easy and most of all a fantastic price 🙂 Tinkerbell78 October 2012


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