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Easywalker Duo Twin Buggy

Easy Walker Duo
Easy Walker Duo

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Easywalker Duo Buggy Reviews £646.97
 I love this buggy, when I had my boys there wasn’t many twin buggies on the market. Plus points are it’s so very easy to move, I can push it around with one hand, lots of space for shopping and big enough for twins up to 5! Down side is its size, going shopping was really difficult sometimes I couldn’t get in the doors! In some shops the aisles were so narrow I couldn’t get round. So I’d say a great buggy for days out, walks and off road walking but not great for towns, shopping. Oh and check it will fit in your boot as it’s quite wide and takes up most of the boot! Katie L October 2013

 This product is brilliant, we have had this pram since July 2010 and we are still using it now. We used in all formations – car seats, carrycots and push chair. When the children when born as prem ideal as the carry cots we used to sleep in. Also as had car seats could use the head inserts to allow very small babies to be kept snug. The pram is narrow and will fit through a front door. Pros: Fit through front door; Narrower than anything else on the market at that time; Can use with car seats; Easy to Move, can push with a few fingers; Small turning circle Storage space under pram; Lighter than many other twin prams out there Cons: May need to check car boot to ensure fits. Linz October 2012

 I love my Easywalker so much I bought 2!!! A great side by side pushchair that fits in most shops with no problems. It turns easily with one hand should you only have one free! I used it initially with the double bassinettes. I used the bassinettes as an alternative to moses baskets in the very early days too. Then I used it to attach the maxi cosi car seats onto which was great for travelling by taxi and general convenience. Then and now we use it in the standard pushchair format and my children just love being in it. They sleep happily in it for naps and even evenings out sometimes! It has recline via zips which turned out to be really useful for reflux. We have taken it on aeroplanes right up to the gate as gate check in with no issues at Heathrow or Gatwick airports. I push it on woodland tracks, grass, pavements, up hills, on sand (hard and soft) with no issues at all. I bought the mosquito net/sunshade which has been great for keeping the bugs and sun out. I would buy this again and again and again! JandA August 2012

 Not easily located in the shops in London now for some reason, but I am very happy with this buggy. It is as wide as other side by side buggies except new Mountain Buggy Duet (approx 75 cm) – fits through most shops doors and rows although you do attract attention by the size of it. Extremely easy to push (I manage to walk an make a phone call), rotates 360. Has a very cool look (my husband loves to push it) – every detail speaks of quality. I got it as a third generation from a mother of twins and it still has plenty of life in it. Very easy to wash. In terms of considerations: it is somewhat heavy – but not more than other all road type buggies. It did not fit through my front door – but then its my door issue. Once you put seats instead of carrycots on it – it becomes a bit fiddly to fold – as you have to unbutton the fabric in the places of bends – but very easy to put back. I probably would not fly on holiday with it though. nastushka August 2012

 My twin girls are 3.5 now and this buggy has been tested to the limit and still going strong. I have loved every minute of pushing this buggy and am so pleased I did my research in advance as this has been amazing and I never felt the need to buy any other pushchair as so many of my twin mummy friends have (noteably the iCandy range as the babies grow out of them too quickly). I originally wanted the Mountain Buggy but it was too large for my Audi A3 boot as it folded in a 70/30 manner but then I was advised to try the Easywalker which is a comparable buggy and folds 50/50 so much smaller. We had the carrycots for the first 6 months and then I sold them on ebay for a good price. The Maxi-Cosi carseats attached easily until we installed the standard seating arrangement which has been fine. It offers a nice upright sitting position and a bumper bar which all babies love pulling themselves up on. I am sad to say my Easywalker will be going up for sale soon as my little ladies no longer have a use for it. Brilliant product and cannot fault it! Louloumac August 2012

 I came across the easywalker duo when I was purchasing something off eBay from another twin Mum. She went on and on about it and I now understand why! – Easy to push, fold and lightish for a double – Spins on a penny! – Loads of storage space – Gets though disabled access doors – I take it as a personal challenge to see where it can fit – although confess I have never take it into town shopping but wouldn’t do with any buggy unless I really had to! – Great on Woolcombe beach on the sand! – Fits into our Volvo S40 boot easily and we got the two pods in the boot as well! – We bought the baby pods and have to confess they were an expense but these can be picked up cheaply on eBay and are great to keep newborn snuggly and protected from the wind. – Very well made in terms or engineering and fittings – The girls love sitting side by side – I don’t personally get the ‘sling one baby underneath’ prams but each to their own. – Maxi Cosi Cabrio fits on as an option. I recommend getting liners for the tyres (Slime Tyre Liners)to minimise flats. littlelubes July 2012


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