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Mountain Buggy Duet Reviews

Mountain Buggy Duet Reviews
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Mountain Buggy Duet

Reviews by parents of twins

 I absolutely love this pram. Did a lot of research before purchasing. I wanted a side by side but also wanted parent facing seat and to be able to clip car seats onto the chassis. The duet has all of this. It basically does the exact same job as the Donkey but at half the price. The ‘carrycot plus’ converts from standard pram carrycots into parent facing seats and there are adaptors to attach car seats too. The car seats are still side by side but with one slightly higher than the other. The whole thing then converts into a normal word facing buggy but where they can lie right back for sleeps. Best thing about it is that this all comes at a width of just 63cm which means that I have yet to find a door where we haven’t fit through! Wouldn’t get that with a Donkey! Ali October 2016

 Great for car seats and pram seats alike, just a little large to fold and store. I also bought a Baby Jogger City Mini Double but this didn’t fit through my front door so have just purchased the out and about 360. Eilis July 2014

 It’s a side by side that actually fits through our front door! It’s only 65cm wide which is the same as a lot of singles so is great around the narrow pavements and old buildings of Cambridge. It is very manoeuvrable, feels sturdy and has plenty of space underneath. The downside is that it weighs a ton and doesn’t fold down particularly small so takes up a LOT of room in our small hallway or car boot. biggy77 March 2014

 Easy to push one handed. Fits in all doorways. Fab on multi terrain. Suitable from birth to toddler. Can attach 2 car seats or have them lying flat. Decent sized shopping basket. Alice March 2014

 We have really loved this buggy thus far, our twins are 5 months old and we have just transitioned out of the carrycots. They slept amazingly well in the cots for the first several months – you don’t really need to buy them as the pram can sit flat but we got them second hand from a member of our twin club and I’m glad I did as I think they would have been swimming a bit in the pram without the cots at first. That said, they were definitely ready to be sitting up and looking around around 4-5 months. The pram is extremely manoeuvrable and easy to push and adjust. The basket underneath is good and large which is essential for carrying the raincover and any other shopping etc. I had a little problem with the stitching on one of the hoods which wasn’t done properly but I think that was a one-off issue. It is a little bit of a faff to get in and out of the car as others have said, and also to get the car seat attachments on and off but I think that’s true for many prams. We have been thinking of getting a phil and teds as a second buggy but to be honest I don’t think it’s really necessary – the mountain buggy can fit on London buses (if no other buggies on, or sometimes it does fit with a single already on the bus) and can easily fit in black cabs! Quite a surprise to me but it does make it much easier to get around town knowing that you can get home in a cab if you get stranded (and can even fit in with 3 adults! though one will have to have their legs scrunched a bit awkwardly). 
alloallo October 2013

 I have three buggies for my twins, for different purposes. The mountain buggy Duet is my city buggy. Perfectly narrow to surprisingly fit through doors (even with carseats), easy to recline/unrecline, easy to push, lots of storage space -but I’d recommend you buy some pram hangers for your handbag and carrier bags. In 1.5 years of constant use I’ve never had a flat. Some downsides: 1. it folds to a very long size, almost the full length of the buggy. So it does take up my whole boot (I have a large 4×4). So for travelling we have a slim and light MacLaren which is also great for airports especially as they won’t put any twin buggy in the airplane (I have done 12 flights with BA and they do receive it at the gate but put it in the hold). 2.The Duet is heavy like most large-wheeled buggies, so you do have to have some muscles to lift it to the boot, but let’s face it with two growing babies you do develop the arm strength! 3. Seats are on the narrow side which is fine for babies, but once they grow into toddlers, especially boys, and with winter coats, they do get tight. However it’s worth saying the Duet beats the Donkey when placing car seats in it as it retains its narrow size. I also have the Easywalker which is much sturdier for country walks as it has bigger wheels, suspension, and it’s taller. It’s 10 cms wider than the Duet and I suspect as my baby boy gets wider he will not fit into the narrower Duet seats. AD January 2013

 This is a very well built and good quality buggy that gives a really smooth ride. However, and for me there is a big however, it is really heavy and difficult to move and lift when it is collapsed. I live off a country lane and we have to drive everywhere as the lane is narrow and dangerous, so I have to load and unload the buggy on a daily basis. We have a big car (Land Rover) and it only just fits in the boot! If you live somewhere where you can push from home and not put the buggy in the car then I would recommend this as a quality product…otherwise go for something much lighter! Deb Sherwood September 2012

 Loved this buggy, great for newborns as has the carry cot for when tiny, from 6mths they can use the seat position. It’s amazing on rough ground and roads, can push with one hand! Only down side is it is wide, u need a big boot, plus it’s heavy when collapsed. But then they all are!!! uklizzie September 2012

 The best and probably most important feature of this buggy is it’s width.. Do not under estimate the value of this. I have got them thru many doors and gaps and along narrow pavements much to the surprise of passer -bys and myself. For example, you can wheel them into GP surgery and public toilets which when on your own means you don’t leave either unsupervised. Side by side allows quick glance to check ok and easy transfer from car seat to buggy. We bought car seat adaptors but rarely used them although discovered you can put them on with seats in place but hood needs to be off. Cons – brake has been a bit stiff, takes up a lot of boot space and fairly heavy to lift. Small area of paintwork has been damaged with regular folding. Tyres only had 1 puncture (can get cheap spare inners on amazon and was easy to fix ). Rachel September 2012

 We were lucky enough to be given a mountain buggy by some friends who had twin boys. They had the pram for 5 years and we have had it for 3 and it’s still going strong and has at least one other set of twins in it. Don’t think it’s had an easy ride either, I do a lot of walking in all terrains including beaches. The only think I’ve had to replace is the tyres through wear. The rest of the pram, although obviously used it still strong and perfectly presentable. I managed to buy a used double carry cot which fitted on top and my twins were in it for 6 months. They looked so cute sleeping together and I often used it as a downstairs cot for them. Mine slept together in their cot until they 6 months old too so being in the pram together was comforting and I think it helped them to sleep for longer. I don’t know the model name as I didn’t buy it but it’s navy, has a metal foot plate and a double hood with plastic visor so you can see the children. It also has a decent, strong basket. Each seat can be adjusted individually. This is a real workhorse of a pram and my twins have been very comfortable in it. Carulli August 2012

 Great narrow twin buggy, it fits through single doorways quite easily and is easy to steer. The buggy is very easy to put together and it folds very quickly and easily. The buggy is very heavy to lift and carry when folded and is quite big when folded which makes it quite difficult to get in a car (if your car is small). This buggy is ideal for walks in the countryside and also good for town shopping. Kitty August 2012

 When we found out we were expecting twins I was gutted that we would have to get rid of our beloved iCandy peach which we had for our eldest daughter as I couldn’t put a buggy board on it (and I dislike the idea of one child is not able to see out). After extensive research and measuring it became apparent that the mountain buggy duet was the only side by side buggy we cold get as it was the only one that would fit through our narrow hallway and front door (old house = nothing standard). I have been pleasantly surprised by the buggy – easy to steer, big shopping basket, simple to change the seats from flat to upright (for the days I take all three of my children out and I put my two year old in the buggy and sling a twin), great rain cover and most importantly narrow enough to get through every gap/door we have tried to get through so far! Downsides: yes, its heavy once collapsed and isn’t a small fold but to be honest we rarely fold it down so this isn’t an issue. We didn’t bother with the car seat adapters as couldn’t be bothered with the faff of stripping all the fabric off. Also, we didn’t bother with the car seats- instead I got two phil and teds cocoons from eBay as they fit in perfectly (and loads cheaper than the carrycots). I thought this buggy would be a real disappointment after my iCandy but so far I am really pleased with would recommend to other twin parents (especially those who also have a toddler that also still uses a buggy). Bbeforec July 2012

 When we were shopping for buggies, there really didnt seem to be as much choice. I wanted to be able to see the kids when they were young and this buggy was the only option due to carry cots that allowed us to do that. The cots were excellent for them sleeping downstairs and when the transition came for cot beds in their room, we put the cots into cot beds to help them get used to it. The cots are excellent long after we converted the buggy as if one was having a difficult night, we could have the cot in our room not to disturb the other and they fitted easily under our bed out of the way. We have just sold our cots on and cannot rate them highly enough. The buggy now is very good but I do find it a bit heavy getting in and out of the car on my own so have bought a stroller that stays in the car. I think most people end up buying more than one buggy in the end. Would I buy it again? Yes. Jo July 2012

 The duet is a great side by side buggy. It’s slim line compared to other side by sides which means it can actually fit through a standard single doorway – handy for small shops! The fabric is good quality and seems tough and durable. The harness in each seat is easy to use. The seats can be used for newborns as they can lie completely flat. It is also easy to make the seats upright or half upright (and many positions in between) using the buckle mechanism. We have found there was no need to purchase the extra carry cots as the seats lying completely flat with a cosy toes liner kept our twins warm and cosy from newborn. The duet is a sturdy buggy which is ideal for walking whether on tarmac or tracks. The suspension seems fine and both our twins are comfortable enough to sleep every time we go out with it. The hoods have windows to enable you to see your children while you are pushing With adaptors it can take two car seats Down sides; – The basket underneath isn’t very big and can be awkward to access – it is heavy especially to lift in and out of the boot, so think carefully if you will be doing this a lot – it is quite impractical when you need to use the car seat adaptors as you have to unpop lots of buttons and unzip lots of zips to remove the seats to put the car seats on. This takes a bit of time so it isn’t a snap and go type travel system buggy – the car seat adaptors make the buggy wider than a single doorway – the seats cannot face you as you push (the car seats do though if you have those on with the adaptors) – it doesn’t stand very well when folded – need quite a big car boot to fit it in! So far we have been happy with our duet for our twins. I would recommend this buggy if you want a slim line side by side and do lots of walking from your home (don’t need to fold and lift in and out of the car too much!) Angel26 July 2012


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