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Snugglebundl Reviews by Parents of Twins

Easy to lift sleeping babies

Twins using snugglebundlsSnugglebundl Reviews by Parents of Twins

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 Snugglebundl – they are the perfect solution when it comes to twins and have been by far our most favourite purchase.  They sleep all day and night in them and when we need to move them we can easily without disturbing them. They have great head support and our twins feel safe and secure in them. A purchase that should not be ignored! claudia January 2013

This was so helpful with our twins. It allowed me to carry our two tiny dots about at the same time, saved my legs running up and down stairs all the time!  Facebook comment Jan 2013

 After I found out that I was expecting twins (and recovered from the shock!) I did lots of research on major purchases like pushchairs. We had a travel system for my son and knew how useful it was not to disturb his sleep when transferring from car to pushchair but travel systems are quite heavy to lift and steer I was worried about how I would cope with a double, especially if I had to have a c-section. I spotted the Snugglebundl online and decided to go for a lightweight double pushchair and a pair of Snugglebundl carry blankets instead. This also worked out much cheaper than getting a double travel system.  When my girls were born I did need a c-section which meant no carrying anything heavier than a baby, well two babies, whilst I was recovering. We brought the girls back from hospital with the Snugglebundls and have been using them ever since. They’re great for moving the girls easily without disturbing them.

They’re also handy for short trips from the car when you don’t want to take the pushchair or carry heavy car seats, like popping into the chemists. As I can carry two little ones in one hand it means I’ve got a free hand for my toddler or paying for my shopping! It means I don’t have to leave one baby in the pushchair whilst I take one inside.  The cotton lining is cool and comfortable in this hot weather and they have been sleeping happily in them in the car, pushchair or cot. The Snugglebundls always catch people’s eyes though they are usually surprised when my shopping bag starts screaming and they realise there’s a baby inside. I wouldn’t swap my Snugglebundls for anything else! Parsloes November 2013


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