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Soft play foam rings

Double Bubble Playring for TwinsSoft play ring that’s not on the highstreet. Double Bubbles Play Ring is a baby support and play den combination with a difference by Spaces4Kids:

  • Provides essential postural support in a safe and stimulating environment
  • Developed by Childcare Professionals, it encourages exploration

It’s made from

  • Soft, tactile and non-sweat fabric that is practical, scuff resistant, anti-bacterial, waterproof and wipe clean!
  • CFC free, fire-retardant soft foam

Sizes & Extras

  • Combine to rings to make a 1.4m play area
  • Each individual ring 800mm diameter and 200mm high.
  • 3mm brushed nylon mat (wipe clean/washable cool cycles) connects to the the underside of the rings with hook and loop fastener
  • Bubble Playrings are supplied with nylon carry sack.

“Good posture is essential to enable a baby access a stimulating world of experiences… “

The Bubbles Playring, a development of the very first ‘What Toy’ gold award winning, ‘Original Playring’, designed by Catherine O’Neill whilst on a post graduate course at the London College of Furniture provides both essential postural support as well as an immediate environment that is both safe and stimulating.

The Bubbles Playring is not available on the high street, it is part of range of products developed for and used by, childcare professionals. The 200mm high sides are not a barrier to exploration… but all part of the fun! Mirrors, contrasting colours, pockets, bell and squeakers are all sewn in to encourage exploration. The exclusive fabric, soft, tactile and non-sweat, is very appealing to babies, but is also practical, being scuff resistant, anti-bacterial, waterproof and wipe clean. The specially selected grade of CFC free, fire-retardant soft foam protects and supports.

Get your exclusive 15% discount

The “Double” Bubbles Playring Set is offered with an exclusive 15% discount via Designed for Twins. Two Bubble Playrings, one Black and White, one Multi-coloured (colours may vary to the picture), can be used individually or connected together to make a larger 1.4m play area.

Visit Spaces4kids and enter discount code DES4TW15 at the checkout. Offer valid until December 9th 2014

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