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The Tandem Twin Trike – is it a good investment?

A twin trike – worth the investment or not?

At Designed for Twins we’ve received both positive and negative reviews of the Twin Trike. These conflicting reviews must be confusing to the potential buyer so we invited a UK supplier of the Twin Trike to address some of the concerns that were highlighted in the reviews we’d received and so help parents of twins decide whether to buy or not.

Like many parents of twins we were overjoyed when the Tandem Twin Trike became available in the UK. At last there was a solution to the impossible of task of pushing two tricycles at the same time. Where previously one twin always missed out on the ride, now it’s possible to push both twins with one parent handle. The Twin Trike comes with features like a sun canopy, storage, adjustable seats, safety bars and adjustable harnesses, back cushions and foot rests – and, according to the manufacturer, it is ideal for children aged 9 months to 3 years. So all in all, it seemed to us to be a very useful and fun way to take your twins babies or toddlers out and about.

What’s more, when the Twin Trike launched in the UK in 2013, we immediately received very positive reviews of the Twin Trike from parents of twins so you can image how surprised we were when a few negative reviews from parents of twins started to arrive in our inbox. We needed some answers…..

So we decided to get in touch with Amie and Gracie, a UK Twin Trike supplier, to ask them to address the concerns raised in the negative reviews we’d received (you can read the reviews we’ve received by clicking here):

Has the design of the Twin Trike been changed recently?

Yes, we listened to our customers’ feedback and the design was changed 10 months ago. Since then we haven’t received any customer complaints and have sold over 300 twin trikes!

Which element of the Twin Trike was changed 10 months ago?

We improved an issue with the handlebar. It now has an entirely new design.

Will you replace a part if it’s broken?

For any obvious faults (which are rare) we’ll deal with them straight away at no extra cost. Obviously this excludes wear and tear.

What is your return policy?

If customers purchase a Twin Trike via Amazon they can claim an A-z refund which is really easy to do. If you buy directly from you can read our returns policy here.

Do you get many returns?

We’ve only ever had one return! All companies experience faults in their goods, especially when sold in the 100s! If every trike had a problem we would be worried and out of business. I expect to have a problem with the odd trike and that’s why it’s always rectified ASAP free of charge, because it seldom happens.

We received feedback asking if the handlebar could be extendable for taller people and whether you would consider fitting a brake?

We have already contacted the manufacturer about a possible extendable handlebar and we’ve also discussed the brake idea. It’s possible that we may introduce these design features in the future however we’ve never really seen a brake on a tricycle before – have you?

What would you say to anyone considering buying the Twin Trike?

We have lots of happy customers and especially those that purchased the Twin Trike via Amazon. We have had the odd fault here and there but it is very rare and we deal with customer complaints immediately and at no extra cost. On the whole customer response has been overwhelming positive since we launched our business in 2013

How do potential customers get in touch if they want to ask you a question?

We’re available to answer any questions you may have regarding the twin trike. Just email us at

Designed For Twins would like to thank Stephanie Saunders, the founder of Amie and Gracie for taking the time to address our concerns raised by parents of twins.

Read reviews or send us your review

Help other parents of twins decide if the Twin Trike is a good investment – send us your review here or read reviews of the twin trike by parents of twins here.

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