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Top Accessories for Taking Twins Out and About

Every parent will testify that getting out the house becomes a monumental effort with even one baby, but with twins that effort is almost doubled again!

However it is really important to get outside on a regular basis, especially when your twins are young as it has many physical and emotional benefits for parents and babies alike.

  • Even going for a gentle walk is really good exercise and has great health benefits
  • It is important to get out to see friends and family socially
  • Being outside gives you and your babies an important boost of vitamin D which is key for development and growth

Top accessories for taking twins out

Thankfully there are a number of accessories specifically designed with parents of twins in mind that can help to make trips outdoors a more enjoyable and less stressful experience. This includes:

    • Twin Trikes – If you want to enjoy a stroll without pushing a buggy, a good twin trike can be fun and handy. There are a few available on Amazon including the GYMAX Kids Tandem Tricycle. It comes with canopy and safety belts.
    • Changing bags – Having proper changing bags with compartments for all the necessary baby accessories is key. Not only does it make it much easier for you to find things quickly when you need them, (like an emergency muslin or spare nappy!) but it also helps to keep you organised as you can quickly see if something is not in its right place. There are plenty of larger twin changing bags available including the Piglet Twin Changing bag which parents of twins have recommended to us.
    • Portable play pens – Portable play pens are a brilliant accessory if you want to create a safe place for your children while you’re out in a park or visiting friends and family. It also gives you an opportunity to put one baby down safely while you tend to the needs of the other. Take a look at this portable play pen option.
    • Swim float – Swimming is becoming more and more popular and children are getting in the water at seemingly younger and younger ages. Swimming is a great activity for parents and babies alike, but it can be difficult to look after both twins while in the water. Twin swim floats help to alleviate some of the pressure and make it safer and easier to take you children swimming. One of the most popular floats is the “double twin child swim float floatie type swim seat” available on Amazon.

This is just a small selection of the available accessories to help make life easier when you’re out and about. Other things to keep in mind are bikes, trailers, buggy clips and feeding accessories.

Check out our section on “going out” for more ideas and real product reviews from parents of twins. While some of the items aren’t cheap, they are a definite investment in your family’s future (and your sanity!) and you’ll be pleased that you made the outlay. Or email us with products you would recommend for going out with twins info@designedfortwins.co.uk

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