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Top Twin Tips by Dr Carol Cooper

6 tips for parents of newborn twins by Dr Carol Cooper

About the author

Dr Carol Cooper is not only a Mum of three (including twins), but also a writer and practising family doctor. Furthermore, Dr Carol Cooper is the author of Twins & Multiple Births, plus she is The Sun’s doctor and is honorary consultant in family medicine to Tamba, the Twins & Multiple Births Association.
Twins & Multiple Births by Dr Carol Cooper
Twins & Multiple Births by Dr Carol Cooper

When you’ve got a baby there’s so much conflicting advice. When you have two babies, the amount of advice may double, but it’s not all useful.  I’m going to share with you what worked for me when I had my twin boys.

  1. Prioritise from the start.  Your family’s all-important, not the housework.  If you were a perfectionist before, now’s the time to stop.  Forget about ironing tea-towels and repainting the hall.  Ask yourself instead what really matters.
  2. Make a time for yourself and your partner.  For now, your other half is another pair of hands, but babies grow up, and you need to nurture your relationship for the long-term. Dates are a struggle in the early days, so why not try watching a romantic movie at home together?
  3. Treat your twins as individuals.  They’re each little people in their own right.  One of the many joys of raising twins is to watch them develop their own distinct identities, even if they’re so–called identical twins.  Make sure you can tell them apart, and use their names when talking to them, not the word ‘twins’.
  4. Use eye contact when speaking to each baby.  This shows you’re paying attention, and it’s vital for language development.  Before they can speak, babies engage in little gurgling conversations, taking turns with you.  A simple nappy change can be a time for some eye contact and silly talk.
  5. Accept all reasonable offers of help.  If someone says they’ll give you a hand, thank them, then tell them exactly what to do.  Help with chores and shopping, for instance, can free up time to spend with your babies.  Or perhaps a friend can take one twin out in the buggy while you enjoy some one-on-one with the other little one.
  6. Finally my best tip of all – join Tamba!


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