Totseat reviews by parents of twins

Totseat twins These are genius! I was so relieved to find them but since my twins have an aversion to sitting in hard highchairs offered in restaurants and sometimes we like to sit outside and these make it easier for the boys to feel part of the conversation.

They are compact, light and configure to securely attach to just about any chair we have found on our travels. My twins happily sit comfortably in them long after finishing their meal. I love the fact they come in a cute little bag and so fit nicely in your changing or handbag bag. I bought them when they were on a special buy one and get a travel lite one for free. To be honest the travel version is brill because it works in exactly the same way but is even lighter as its made out of parachute fabric.

They wash well and are so durable they have become a standard item when we go out at weekends! Great alternative to bulky booster seats and often mean we can leave the pushchair and opt for a sling and a Totseat when out and about! kaosfusion July 2014


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