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Twin Baby Changing Bags

Twin Baby Changing Bags

Having a baby changes the way you travel, even a short trip to the supermarket becomes a planned outing with packed bags and buggies. And having twins means that trip to the shops becomes even more complicated. For parents of twins being organized and having extra storage space is essential.

Ensuring you have the right equipment to hand, which is quick and easy to find whilst juggling not one, but two little ones, is of vital importance. A changing bag specifically designed for twins is a must have and can help ensure that any trips outside run a little more smoothly, removing stress and making life that little bit easier.

9 key features to look for when choosing a changing bag for twins

  1. Multiple exterior and interior pockets and compartments. These are great for storing bottles and toys that can be reached quickly when you need to comfort your babies.
  2. A secure pocket so you can always grab your phone, keys and money replaces the need for a handbag. It also means you are able to navigate the bag for the item you need with ease.
  3. Look for bags with two insulated pockets to keep two bottles warm when travelling with twins.
  4. It’s useful to have lined pockets for wet items and be wipe clean.
  5. A large size bag with a wide opening is an advantage so you can see at a glance what you need and where it is.
  6. Many parents of twins have a preference for a rucksack or across the body bag as it keeps their hands free.
  7. Check for straps for attaching the bag to your double buggy as this will come in handy.
  8. Choose a bag with a padded changing mat to make it easier and more comfortable for when you have an emergency nappy change and no suitable bathrooms available.
  9. Above all make sure it’s durable i.e. twin proof!

Which changing bags to parents of twins recommend?

Two of the more popular changing bags that parents of twins have recommended to us and have many of these features include:

The Piglet Twin Changing Bag – This bag has adjustable straps, allowing you to wear the bag three different ways, all keeping your hands free. It also provides an extra-large changing mat to accommodate twins, multiple pockets including a hidden one for keys and phone, and two thermostatic bottle pockets. The bag is water resistant and easy to wipe clean. Pockets individually labelled ‘Peanut’ or ‘Piglet’ help to keep your twins items separate. Available on Amazon.

Skip Hop Duo Double Changing Bag – This bag has 16 pockets including a zipped personal pocket and two side pockets for bottles or sippy cups. It has a large shoulder strap for wearing across the body or you can use shuttle clips to hang over the handle of a double buggy. The bag includes a cushioned changing mat. Contrasting linings makes it easy to find things inside. Available on Amazon.

Having more than one baby to look after at a time is a challenging job but choosing the right accessories that make your life that little bit easier can go a long way in improving your day.

Ultimately, a changing bag, recommended by parents of twins, that helps you to meet the demands of two babies gives you some extra essential peace of mind.

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