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Twins’ Night Before Christmas – Cynthia F Panks

Twins’ Night Before Christmas by Cynthia F Panks – reviews by parents of twins

Twins Night Before Christmas by Cynthia F Panks Written by a grandmother of two sets of twins, the author clearly understands the need for identical twins to be treated as individuals. The story is written in a lovely rhyme that reminded me a little of Julia Donaldson’s award winning style. The book feels ‘homemade’ with clip-art style images but this was more of an issue for me – my twins didn’t mind at all! The overall ‘individuality’ message of the book is an important issue to discuss with twins – especially identical twins. Designed For Twins May 2014

 Excellent book addressing twin identity. In the spirit of the Christmas season, who better than Santa to recognize individuality in identical twin sisters, Matilda and Monica! Cynthia F. Panks -Author May 2014


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