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Why parents of twins should invest in Mini Micro Scooters!

Mini Micro ScootersPicture the scene. A five minute walk to the village shop on a sunny day. A warm breeze. The birds singing. A nod and smile to other villagers. Idyllic. Yes? Well no. Not at all when you add two and a half year old twins into the mix. It becomes a struggle, a fight, a true test of patience. Quite frankly, you wish you hadn’t bothered.

To give them some exercise you decide not to take the double buggy but during the walk twins will argue over everything. Who should walk in front (they both want to be in front). Who should hold your right hand (they both want to hold your right hand).  Who should touch the number eight on the gate first. One wants to run. The other wants to walk. To add to the misery, one runs ahead without looking and falls over. The other just stops and refuses to go any further without being carried.

This is how it was for me, but then a miracle happened. My twins learned to use their Mini Micro Scooters. What a difference that made!

To be honest, it wasn’t an immediate transformation – they took ten long months for the scooting gene to finally kick in. We pulled them, pushed them. Even got on the micro scooters ourselves and broke them… but still they couldn’t really work out what the scooters were for.  We had crashes, grazes and full head-on collisions with each other. (I would recommend wearing helmets at all times). Then after a long weekend watching the scootering skills of their older cousins, bingo they hopped on and were away. Just like that. Lots of proud cries of ‘look at me mummy’ as they whizzed past, striking a pose, with a leg cocked in the air.

Afterwhich the 45 minute trudge to the village shop took less than five minutes! What’s more, I laugh and smile all the way. Yes I actually enjoy it. So forget the mobility milestones of crawling, or walking; one of the greatest milestones so far for me has been the day they learnt to scoot.

Mini Micro Scooters and Helmets are available on Amazon – I recommend investing in them!  Written by Frankie (Mum of 4 year old twins) and owner of Designed For Twins. 

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