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Wonderland Bag

Reviews of the Wonderland Bag by parents of twins

Wonderland changing bag for twins in purpleInvented by a mum of three under 3 (including twins), this changing bag handmade in UK, is designed for all the different things you do as a family. “It’s the ultimate family bag, hospital bag, sports bag, out & about bag, changing bag and for overnight stays – our bags will carry what you need when you need it. Great for dads to carry too!” Wonderland Bags


Wonderland Big Blue One – 4 boys including twins we need a big bag. I think the Wonderland Big One bag is fantastic and couldn’t imagine twin life without it!!. Yes I would recommend. Anna W February 2015

 Wonderland Little Purple One. It’s beautiful!!!! When my twins were born I struggled with changing bags and ended up carrying a large sports bag around to fit everything in. This is much less bulky to carry. You can pack strategically, rather than just chucking it in. You can find everything so quickly, I feel so much more organised. The Wonderland bag is better quality and I’m sure it will have much more longevity. This bag is all about quality and durability, and that’s a big deal to me. It’s a great overnight bag, day trip bag, I can see where the thought came from in the design to make it work if you have younger, older children or a mix of the two. Loving the bright, bold colour” Miriam A February 2015

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Where to buy

The Wonderland bag is available direct from Click here to see discounts and offers on Wonderland bags.


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